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" Ibu, Jefri datang dari mana? "
Friday, December 10, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 4 comment/s

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" Ibu, Jefri datang dari mana ? " the punch line of the movie Aku Tak Bodoh that I watched alone just now. Awesome movie. Full of family values :') and and the actor is really cute. DIE HARD CUTE :b Omgg. Sudin *drools* ;D He is so fineeeeee. Like SO FINE. chocolate abs. yum yum yum :3

Okay, out of topic jap :'D Sorry.

But yes, the movie is a must to watch ! sangat comeeeeeel :') So, I checked my result today morning. together with the rest. Got out of control handling everyone who asked about my result. Read my Facebook status updates lah. and erm, see for yourself LOL.

Yup, my programme is under UiTM :D

I took EIGHT subjects for the first semester :D

The results.
semua LULUS kodd, sangkut satu GAGAL.

*went on rampage* :|

Plus point, I got A for BEL120 ; English. Heh :D

Congratulations to all that succeed to achieve their targets . NAH, GULA-GULA :') and to those who are on rampage like me ( LMAO ) , nevermind, do your best next semester. and moi is here if you ever need me ! :D just don't ask about Maths wei. tak sanggup kodd ._. Like Syafiq always said, it's not the end of the world. OBVIOUSLY. so, chill. Makan Twisties jap. omnomnomnom :]

Okay, da kenyang :')

Now I am counting days to go back to Kuantan . HAHAHA. tak sabar baiii. Couldn't wait to see the gang, Superboy, Mak Engku and well, practically everyone. Going out with them soon also. HAHA. excited ni ! :) The moment i got back home just now, (promised mom) I fold all the clothes and then went online. Seperti biasa, sembang dgn Syafiq dan Superboy. Syafiq tricked me wei. Kejam :p haha. nasib baik you comel. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Merepek jap. sorry again .__.

Chatted with Amanda as well. Oh btw, the sister just finished her SPM . SERONOK, kata dia. Haha. Bagus lah :-D Bila nak bakar buku-buku tuh ? ( soalan direct) LOLOLOLOLOL :p I am feeling much contented now. I dont know why. Thank you to everyone that made my day ( eh, ada ke orang lain ? HAHA ) so yeah :) Was planning to stalk Jacob at Nando's , tapi dia tak keje pulak. damn.

Going out alone is kinda fun , ya know. HAHA :)

Phone running out of credit since I used alot of SOS top up. Hehe. But nvm , I'll be very careful next time. Oh yeah. like duh, i have to entertain alot of people kodd. Sorry, i is busy. Heeeee :'D Tengok tuh, Atika asyik gelak je. Otak dah mereng agaknya. Heh. Malam ni ada pasar malam. Nak beli nasi goreng lah. Dah dua hari tak makan nasi. Ayik makan mee je. Muka pun dah macam mee -.- Hakhak.

To everyone who are feeling down at the moment, I'm here to say that this is just a head start for all of you. Never ever give up just because of that numbers they gave you. Prove to yourself that you can do it even when others are trying to pull you down. I know you can. and anything that happened, I'm here right by your side and I will always love you no matter what ♥

Everyone often ask me, " why are you always cheerful all the time ? " I just smiled and walked away :)

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