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I'm so glad I didn't eat your chocolate chip cookies.
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I didn't blog for two days. I just came back from Puan Hasiah's house in Shah Alam. Helped her out editing this year's school magazine. and omgg , terrible. everything is practically incomplete. Hmm. Nevermind lah. as the former editor-in-chief, I helped teacher to settle everything. Stay up all night last night because teacher wants to give the dummy today .

mengantuk -.-

Berbonding with the girls as well. Told them about Clark Kent and Superboy . and the gang. Haha. bergelak and mengilai macam puntianak di pagi hari ( pukul dua pagi) . Kena bebel. Sorreh. Excited lebih. heee. GELAK . MENGILAI. TENGOK KAMERA. JERIT KESUKAAN.

Diaorang da kena possesed tengok gambar Aiman and Syafiq . Kak Tika, bawa Aiman and Syafiq jumpa kitaorang tau nanti. :p

This year's magazine is not so bad actually. Screw the publisher for doing such a messy job -.- UGH. I also went to Subang for this electrical thingy treatment. It was from Pn. Hasiah. Dia belanja. Hekhek :3 Sat on the chair for one hour and read the paper and do stuffs. Heh. it was really fun . and tiring. Huargh.

and guess who did i saw ?


No, not Henry Goldings.

it is a random dude who looks like him !! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! *dies* ;D

Habahaba. grrrrr. He look really sick and sexyfied *sing Kesha's * Hehe 8D

I would have his Facebook if it weren't for Mai who pulled me when we are just inches away from him. I am THIS close okay ! THIS close ! Damn.

* Cerita di atas hanya tipu semata-mata. haha. Tapi memang betul saya jumpa klon dia ouh. yum yum . handsome sangat-sangat. geram dari jauh je lah. GRRRRRR :p SABAR je lah. Haha.

Teringin nak ada teman lelaki macam Henry. BEST (Y) :')

Then we went to Nando's in the morning for our brunch. haaaaa. makan lagi. Cikgu belanja lagi. Hehe. THANK YOU CIKGU ;D Jumpa Anas ;D and Taufiq. Taufiq the Jacob : OMGG. *squeled* fangirl moments. He look so good wehy. Like SO GOOD. Chocolate abs wtf :3

Went back home and went online. Rest. ate lunch. Chatted with Syafiq. Rest and waited for dinner. Haha. Chatted with Superboy. Rindu lah. Asyik text je kan ? Talked about stuffs. Statement hardcore. HAHA. Hmm. I miss the clans. Two weeks left. SABAR ATIKA, SABAR :D Fuuuuuhhh. Tomorrow the UTM students are going to have their finals. I wish them all the best. and to Clark Kent too.

I said hi to him on Facebook, but he didn't reply. I is saaaaaad D;
Ouh well. Whatever.

Superboy is not feeling well. D: I is worried ;O Allergic kat sushi tuh kodd. Get well soon ouh, dearest. xo. I shall check on you later eyh :) I am such a good bestfriend. Hehe. :'D

Off , na kacau Yaya dengan Boolat pulak. Hekhek. LATER ! ;D

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