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new semester.
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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today, i've finally registered for my second semester. class is commencing on Monday, which means, there's only four days left for me to fool around. HAHA :-D the whole day went smoothly. I met the clans at the cafeteria as they were late. I wore my new blouse and high heels.

ouh damn, high heels is super painful can? :'(

Paid half of the fees and mingled around. Meet up with the others as well. the seniors, the classmates, the coursemates and people that I've been missing for the past few weeks. including this guy. hee :-D

Mohamad Hibri Syafiq.

Yup, Syafiq. the gila-gila senior of mine. the happy pills. the err - a lot more lah ! you just have to sit down and have a casual chat with him one day :-D Had a great laugh with him when I accompanied him to fill out the form. :) HILARIOUS ! :-D Afiq cracked us all so bad with his mind-blowing lame jokes. *weird stares* :p

Everyone were awed seeing me with blouse and long pants. WHUTT?! -.-" hahaha.

was really looking forward to see Oppa and Zoey, but they were no where to be seen :'( Had meeting in the afternoon, but before that, the clans and I headed to East Coast Mall to have our lunch.

Rains started pouring down heavily as we stepped out from the van. LOL. We walked around the shopping mall for few minutes before heading to the food court. jimat sket. haha :-D My toes were literally on fire because it hurts SO bad ;_____; bleeding . gah. BEAUTY IS PAINFUL eyh. pfft.

After lunch, we went for shoe hunting with Danny. Took few photos with Adam's DSLR :) Thank you sebab pinjamkan i camera you tuh <3 Asked Namie and Wan to snap some of my photos . tee hee hee ;)

TA-DA ! :-D

Went for a quick practice and meeting after that. it was raining heavily when i wanted to go back home. Meredah hujan untuk balik ke rumah. NOSTALGIC kodd :-D

Teater is tomorrow. WISH ME LUCKK ! :3

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