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Tuesday, December 14, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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sudden cravings for Subway and Starbucks baiiiiii -.-

Today had been tiring. like super tiring. thanks to my sister -,- I woke up at around 9 ( shaddap, saya memang bangun lambat masa cuti ni . he he ) and my head was spinning like crazy. PENING sangat-sangat -.- makan ubat and washed up. Then , fetched my sister to the bus station because she is going out with her friends.

Then I went to my student's house and proceed with my agenda for the day. ESSAY WRITING :) Had fun fooling around with her little brother and sisters. LMAO. super cute !! ;D Checked on Superboy and glad he is all better now :D KEDAH macam best je. nak pergi lah. Hoho :p Anyone kind enough to bring me there ? heeee :3

Went back home and went online. YES, i like have a pathetic life -.- LOL. Poked OHANA endlessly and chatted with Syafiq ; the Wonder Boy :D and HOMAIGOODDD ! he went to Subway ! i is jealous. *stabs self* Hahas.

Wonder Boy @ Subway.

Bunuh diri kejap. aaaaaaaa.

HAHA ! Sorry lah, buat I am quite over dramatic at times. but hey, that's me. so, shoo shoo . main jauh-jauh sana. Heh. Mak told me that we're going to Perak on Thursday. that means I would not be able to hang out with the ex-JBTs. huuuuu .__. stress. sorry, guys ! D; Maybe some other times then :) Pinky promise :D Had a great afternoon overall.

With Superboy climbing the pokok kepala. HELL YEAH, he gave me a serious jaw-dropping screech. Panjat lah lagi, jatuh nanti, i juga yang susah :P LOL. Rindu lah okeh. Feed CANON and NIKON :) Hari-hari makan kangkung je. Ouh wait. They are rabbits. like duh -,- Wonder Boy is going to play futsal tonight. I akan cheer untuk you from afar. HAVE FUUUUUUUUUUUN !! 8D be safe. and don't hurt yourself , please :)

ta sabar na tengok rambut baru tuh :)

Currently chatting with OHANA. HAHA. best. Went fangirl with him. Hekhek ;) Rindu dekat Tirzah. huuu. I miss you, love :'( I miss everyone yang tiada peluang untuk berjumpa cuti ni. SORRY !! D: Going back to Kuantan on Dec 26th. akan keluar bersama Din dan Adam. I'll have fun , insya-Allah :)

P/S : nak beli baju Superman tuh laaaaa. SEXAY ♥

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