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so orgasmic :-D
Monday, December 13, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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Watched Harry Potter 7 with my sister, Amira today. Overall, the movie was quite a disappointment because I was expecting it to be more like the novel. but it didn't turn out that way. but anyways, HOMAIGODDDD !! FRED AND GEORGEEEE WEASLEY !!!! so orgasmic can ? :'D I am drooling over them.

completely sexy-fied 8D and euw, Malfoy? -,-

Wandered around Aeon Bukit Raja and went for job hunting with Amira. Camwhored and headed to the cinema. Top up and texted the Superboy. aaaaaa. rindu kodd :-D kan?

OHANA is already in KLIUC. have fun ! :) Glad he's doing well there. P/S : I still ta suka nombor. Kekekekeke ( gelak macam Shikin ) LOL. Tried out the new tudung style that i've been trying since for the past weeks. It looks okay , i guess. Heh. Met Anas at Nando's . no sign of Jacob. HAHA. Was freezing inside the cinema because I wear short sleeves. Haha. kena bebel lagi. Sorry ! D;

green for life. HAHA.

After the movie, we headed to Starbucks ( love love love Starbucks wei ) and I met Zee Yeng ♥ SUPERCALIFRAGALISTICEXCITEDDDDDDDDDDD !! *dies* 8D she look sho pwetty :3 and plus point for her because thanks to her, i got discount for my drink. Hehe :D

me and Yeng ;)

Starbucks is bliss yaww ♥

Headed home and start reading mum's newly bought novel ; Layang-Layang Bertali Kaca. Okay, so orgasmic again ! :B Cannot stop reading it. and BAM ! finished it in TWO hours ! :D :D Superboy is in Kedah right now. HAVE FUN, dearest :) Tangkap banyak-banyak gambar eyh :) Go and relax for good. I'll be here if you need me :D Syafiq called me out of sudden and gave me a serious heart attack. and I died for a moment.

Okay, Atika tipu. Tak kena heart attack pun *smacks self* Heh, sorry.

Have fun eyh, Syafiq. Tengah drive boleh pulak call kan? Hahahaha. be safe ouh :) Waited for mum and dad to reach home before I headed to bed. Esok ada student na kena ajar. Kena prepare :) Essay essay and MOAR essay :3


Shall check on everyone now. Goodnight ! :)

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