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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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The story sings and the chemistry wins :-D
Thursday, December 9, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I am an official fan of Bunkface now :B YOU AND ME ♥

After I dreamed about Sam the other night. yum yum :3

Haha. I abandoned my Digi number because there is this pretty much lifeless creature / stalker who often disturb me and moi phone. DUMBASS -.- So I left my Digi number liddat for the whole week. asking Nadia for a new temporary phone :3 hihi. Nanti i call dia :-D

Okay lah, my Digi is actually spoiled also and well, the phone belongs to Akmal. wuuuuu .__. sorry you. ta sengaja . called him and apologized. luckily he's okay with it :-D Spending the at home is just blissful.Did all the house chores and went online :)

at around 1 pm just now, I got a text from Ayen saying that the final result just came out. So, I excitedly clicked on the 'EXAMINATION RESULT' after logging in at the student portal . and upon seeing the result, I cried for the first half an hour. Hujaaaaaann baiiii T__T was chatting with Syafiq at that time, so yeah, i cried in front of him.

maluuuuu kodd *sorok bawah meja* ;O

He is very understanding tho. Thank yous ! :) Eases me when I needed someone . You are such a great friend :D Thankyousomuch ! Nanti i belanja Subway :3 omnomnomnom :] Nak tengok Tron Legacy thanks to him as well. HAHA. Em, so my pointer aren't that bad ; 2.81 CGPA. Lower than my expectation actually. but ouh well. Let bygones be bygones :D and guess what? I have re-sit for my MAT112 paper next semester. OF ALL PAPERS lah wei, WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE MATHS ?! asdfghjkl; -,-

Stress kejap.

Called my mum straight away and she's okay with it. Fuuuhhh. then I called Auntie and she said it's okay for a start. Haha. I actually did quiet well, considering I am an average when it comes to studying :) Hehe. so, me is a happy girl now. (Y) :'D Superboy is not well. Rather unwell when he heard about the result. aww. no worries lah. you'll be fine :) You boleh buad punya. jangan lah risau. I know you can :) Superboy, kan ? He had his medicine and i is glad to hear it :-D Don't skip your meals too alrighty ? *pats head* ;D

Watching movie alone tomorrow. Aku Tak Bodoh and Harry Potter. nak bersendirian :)

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