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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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teenage dreams.
Sunday, December 19, 2010 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I went back to Perak for the past three days . so yeah, that explained my disappearance. Heh. sowei :D The cousin , Ina and I had tons of fun chatting and gossiping about boys and stuffs. Mainly about boys. Hehe. The fact that I am 18 and still single really bugged her. lol. It's not strange lah , cousie dearest :) HAHAHA.

The topic went wider at intervals and she managed to make me blurt out my crush's name. Okay, it was seriously EPIC wei. LOL. Not going to blurt it out here ( obviously ) but like Danny said, for sure Atika has someone in her mind already. *blush* :B

Okay, can die out of embarrassment now. Hekhek.

Chill , Atika. Take it easy. :)

Skip the topic. The fact that me myself is dying to be in a relationship really annoyed me. psh. I have to be patient. kan ? kan ? :o damn. Kill me already lah. Ina and I couldn't stop laughing as Mak and Ibu nagged as us for being the perfect candidates for the future spinsters. why? because we took 2 hours to finish peeling the ikan bilis. Hohoho *gelak keji* :p HOMAIGOD. Tak nak jadi anak dara tua lah , mak ! :p

I realized that in a relationship, we have to have two way communications. The perfect relationship will only happened if both parties play their role in giving and receiving each others' flaws. am I right? Truthfully, being single is not really a bliss for me. I am getting bored being all ALONE at times and no one to talk too. sigh.

*smacks self* Okay, better.

Been texting ze boys and Nadia throughout my trip balik kampung. ada jugak kawan Atika ni :) Thank you to Bob , Namie , Syafiq and Nadia for being there for me. *grins* :D Ina jugak dengan bermurah hati telah men-top up-kan kredit saya sebanyak RM10. wahahahaha ! I LOVE YOUUUU ! :* Heee. sekarang boleh text sume org lagi.

Ina ada RM96 worth of kredit. Na lagi, boleh ta? ;D

Nanti da habis, i mintak dia lagi. Hehe.

Thank you to Syafiq for the amazing point of view about the importance of commitments in a relationships. and no worries you, you are strong. I'm sure you can :D like I said, think about the people around you who love you unconditionally :) PEACE.

Login into my Facebook account and was starlet to see the notifications. omgg. banyak gle. ish ish. -.-" hahaha. Kacau Namie dan Syafiq. tugas wajib tuh. hahahahaha. melepaskan kerinduan at everyone. and well, here I am now, blogging.

P/S : my cookies monster plush toy is on its waaaaay !! ;)
PP/S : preparing to go back to Kuantan. hee.

Take care, loves . xx