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Saturday, January 1, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 1 comment/s

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nice number eyh ? boleh buad nombor ekor. hahahahahaha :-D

So, today marks the starting of a new year. and what did I do ? first of all, i cleaned up the whole HOUSE all by myself. to prove it to all of you, here's some pictures ;



*pats self* :'D

see the HUGE difference ? Mind you, I am not a neat freak, I just like to see things to be well organized. tee hee :) after that, i went outside all settled the laundry. God knows how long have they been not washing their clothes. weeks, perhaps. euw *faints* the smells of piled up clothes were just unbearable. ouh and we just had our house toilet fixed. HABAHABAHABAHABA :-D FINALLY.

Shikin was feeling rather unwell so I had her resting all day while I do the chores. KESIAN DIA ouh :( texted Syafiq while I am at it.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BONGELA ! nanti hari isnin i bayar balik eyh . Hee. in case you're wondering , what's up with me and Bongela ? i've been having ulser for the past weeks and my right inner cheek ( or whatever they called it ) is mad painful. .____. and worse thing is, i couldn't find it here in Kuantan. Luckily, Syafiq came to the rescue as he told he was in GIANT at that time.

HAH ! IN YOUR FACE , ULSER . no MORE mercy for youuuuuuu *evil laugh* >:D

so, he helped moi to buy bongela from the pharmacy there. oh la la :-D my life saviour . heh. thank youuuuu :) read Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood and It Sucks To Be Me ♥ was competely in love. Although cheesy chick flicks are not really my cup of tea, but whatever. I was dead bored and in need of reading materials. you can't expect me to read PORN, do ya ? HAHAHAHA.

KIDDING ! I don't do porn. MARIA OZAWA period.

then superboy texted me asking about the schedule on Monday, according to my coordinator, there will be no changing classes. WOOHOO ! :-D i was slightly starlet and pissed thinking about it and the fees. PSH. our fees is RM1000 for real? for what lah wei ?? PFFT. rasa na mengamuk jer. I know nothing about the class schedule. sorry you, ta dpt tolong. laughed without any particular because i was just erm - happy ( da gila agaknya atika ni ) :o

yesterday new year celebration was uhm - normal. i went out with adam and shikin since bob couldn't make it for the steamboat plan. I WANT STEAMBOOOOOOOAT *bawls* D: the three of us headed to Flora Cafe and we splurge an amount of cash there ( me, at least ) when the clock strike 12 am sharp, my inbox were flooded with new year texts. Thank you. didn't reply it since i was not in the mood. hmm. the texts include from the one from this guy. OH SHIT ! what to do now ? oh ya, i blocked him ady. haha. FREAK. go die lah wei. urgh.

then adam drove around Kuantan and went the long way to go back to Polo ; where i live. the radio kept putting weird tuned songs which made all of us roared with laughter. it was a serious LOL-worthy. hahahaha :') i slept at around 1 am. Fell asleep actually.

Back to reality ; today.

after doing all the house chores , i ate my lunch and read more books. heeee. PTPTN and ka-chings kept flowing in making me very happyyyyyy ♥ Hehe. i can smell new phone and laptop. FINALLY ! a laptop of my own ♥ then boleh tulis short fictions banyak-banyak, bagi semua orang baca. Huahuahua :-D Syafiq was completely thrilled to hear the news. yes, ill let chu read it, jangan risau :D

I dont know what really happened to my blog. PFFFTTT. where did the list of followers went ?!?! rasa na mengamuk kodd. susah nak baca blog orang wehy. aaaaaaaaaa. did i tell you i met Kak Ainur ; a senior of mine ? finally, someone from my field. HAHAHA. she iz tall, i is jealous :( recognized her at first as a close friend of Syafiq. oh la la la :-D like Nadia quoted , you da ta bleh tinggi. you beli jer lah heels yang tinggi-tinggi tuh. lol. I'm going to die if i ever wear heels again , i guess.

Dramatic much ? NYOYOYOYOYO :'D

Bob just texted me , we MIGHT be going out tonight. YAY STEAMBOAT !! if not, duduk rumah, nganga jer lah. hahaha. duit pun makin kurang. money couldn't be withdraw, not till i go back home in two weeks time. oh yesh ! :-D texting superboy dearest as well. syafiq is going out to Uptown Danau Kota tonight. someone is going to shop again! :) Nadia is in KL now. family matters.

Can't wait for the classes to commence. weeeeeeeeee ! :3

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