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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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and we go vrooooooooooom !
Sunday, January 30, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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At night, i went out for dinner with the QSians to Tanjung Lumpur with Akmal as well. I hopped into Anas' car with Akmal and Yaya . It was still raining as we went out from Taman Polo. :) Loving the way how Anas drives his car. WAHAHAHAHAHA. super sexy can ? *kelip mata laju-laju* :-D We went there by 3 cars . Anas' , Afiq's and Dayah's . Kedai makan riuh dengan suara kitaorang bergelak ketawa. tee hee hee :p

Secara tiba-tiba , Afiq bersuara dengan suaranya yang agak tidak kelakian ( bertukar) , yakni menyebabkan kami semua ketawa berdekah-dekah *jatuh kerusi* XD Ye lah , Afiq ingin menggoda Akmal yang duduk di sebelah Atika. Kehkehkeh. Aduhaiiiiii , Afiq . Sumpah kelakar XD Had fun talking with them and making fun of everyone at the same time. Atika jadi mangsa penggodaan Afiq terhadap Akmal. Nas , Anas , Usop , Sul , Yaya , Dayah , Syaz , Boolat , Leen dan Zati sudah mula ketawa tanpa henti. BKM *inside jokes* mengong jer statement kan? Hahahaha ! :p

After that , we went to Teluk Cempedak ( sebenarnya da bosan pegi tc ) and chilled again. The breeze by brought by the wind is so calming . Rasa semua masalah hilang sekejap *pause* Hmm. Anas suggested that I buy Apple Pie . Bila rasa Anas punya McD's Apple Pie , tak sedap pun . *rolls eyes* o___o haha. i bought a Large Coke because I craved for it . Hee :-D Bumped into Marney , Fyda and Anis a while after that . they is sho pretty ! Kbaiiiizzzzzz ;p

ROFLMAO , INCIK amy was there too . Dah lah dtg tak bagi salam :p Kantoi lah datang dengan teman wanita beliau kan. Tp kakak tuh cantik ouh ^^ and very friendly also :) Chatted with him and his girlfriend for a while coz i was bored . a lil ' lah. Heh. Made fun of Abang Amy *inside jokes again* Hakhakhak ! :P Sorry, Abang Amy . :-D

Reached home at around 12.30 am . Lina called me when i was at TC . She is so excited to see me during our CNY . Aku pun tak sabar nak jumpa kau kodd ! :-D nanti kita bergosip dan merepek macam dulu , alright ? :) Despite all the heartache and sorrow I've been feeling lately.
Hmm .

Went online and chatted with the TALL peoples , Syafiq ; the pet giraffe and Nabil ; yang comel tuh . Hihihihihihi *fangirl moments* :DD ouh and i chatted with SYAHID too ! *tak boleh bernafas kejap* Kehkehkeh . yay SYAHID ! :DD

Enough updates for now, I guess. I'll see all of you Klang peoples in few more hours and you Kuantan peoples in two weeks time ! hugs and loves ! :*

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