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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Sunday, January 30, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Spent the day with big brother , Ikhfar Idris and the big sister , Adi Putri :) I feel loved. Haha. Pampered by the two of them. Kehkehkeh. After spending the whole week dealing with dramas and what not , I surely need a break . They came to my house and then we walked to the bicycle shop neaarby. Adi wants to buy herself a bicycle. :-D I met Anuar Manan's coach there. Kaki dia sangat besar boleh tak ? Hahahahahaha ! :p Surveyed the bikes there and then headed to Kiki Market to get ourselves something to munch and to drink later. Big brother dengan big sister sangat comel boleh tak ? sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet (; Haha. sangat kelakar tgk 8 cuba nak men-touching-kan diri bila Adi bersuara *gelak guling-guling* :'D

8 comel (; Hahaha. 8 dgn bermurah hati membelikan Atika dan Adi makanan dan minuman untuk dikongsi bersama . After that , we went to the playground because we wanted to chilll and just chat. The big brother is going back to Sungai Siput today . Alaaaa, nak balik Ipoh jugak . nak makan Laksa Pak Ngah :DD 8 makan banyak-banyak untuk Atika tau :) Haha. All of sudden , it started raining . so , the three of us pun berteduh dalam bulatan gelongsor tuh . Hahahaha . Bak kata Syafiq , memori daun pisang sangat . LOL ! :'D Bersembang pasal banyak benda. (; Ah , bliss (Y) I also thought Adi how to blog again . Heh. Seronok mengenakan 8 sekali sekala *muka comel* :-D

Introduced 8 to Nigahiga. Got disturbed by two hyperactive kids . -.-" Laugh and laugh . Sat at my house's front porch . Sing along with Kina Granis' My Time With You :) 8 TERMAKAN maggi , kacang dan makanan lain thanks to Atika. Ops ! *buat muka tak bersalah* NYOHOHOHOHOHO :'D Kacau-ed Adi as she went online . Merepek bersama 8 . Huahuahuahua :-D I'm going to miss them for two weeks. Eek ! Anyways,

It was an amazing evening afterall . Thank you to the both of you for making my day . xx

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