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damn !
Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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since when Justin Bieber is an addiction? -,-

hahaha. so, I just got my laptop ( Zero Cool ) today. after 123456783683 years of waiting, i finally got it. HAH ! :D the number is obviously an exxageration , but who cares , really ? Heh ! :) so yesterday i had fun chatting with Hafira via Facebook , mainly spazzing about Bieber and Bloggers. I am addicted to him thanks to her and , Maddy o____o but seriously, his music is actually nice . i dont get it why people call him fag and etc. then Fira told me that Syafiq is going to Bieber's concert ( BIEBER FEVER?! ) ;O and he said he's going to shot him .

ROFLMAO. that was really epic . HAHAHAHHAHAHA. :)

Nanti kita sembang pasal Justin Drew Bieber lagi eyh, Fira ? :)

Since Zero is still a new member in the family , i had everything that i want installed in it. Photoscape, Photoshop , etc. all my novels and short fics. Photos :) went online using my house's WiFi. super fast can ?? ;D went online on MSN after a long ass wait. Heee :D at around 11.30 pm , saya ber-SKYPE bersama Madihah Hayazi. Ehehe ;)

EPIC phailed to look nerd. Kbai.

I was in Klang for only two days. Sorry girls :/ Ta dapat jumpa. Do have fun , besties ! :-D After i purchased Zero, i went shopping with Mak for my stationaries and things. Chatted with Syafiq in the morning before i had my breakfast. Bought broadband in the afternoon today. and headed to the terminal with Cik Ase. Thank you :)

Oh yeah , thank you so much to Adam for the amazing pictures he took before I came back to Klang two days ago. Everyone is in love with it. HAHAHAHAH *over* :p Learning a lot about DSLR from the man himself. tee hee hee ;)


Mneghabiskan masa chatting bersama 8 because we're awesome liddat. woot woot ! :-D A ya , I AM REMOVING MY BRACES ON FEB 9TH !!!! *beams happily* ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Esh, blogging from the bus right now. Dizzy .

# got deleted from the Facebook account. pfft. FINE !

I'm like, super rich now . Ka-chings ! xo

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