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four more semesters to go.
Monday, January 3, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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As excited I can be today, it was completely tiring and energy-draining. psh. I wake up early all excited since I am now capable of applying my own make-ups . YAY :-D so I did it, got dressed , applied what is needed to be applied and headed to college. TODAY IS THE OFFICIAL RED DAY for ze clans :) and I GOT CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE . waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥ thanks, Diela !!! :D :D :D Meet up with the people before I went to class. CLASS SCHEDULE WAS err - HECTIC. when i take a look back, WOAH ! kill me wei D:

okay, skip the boring parts.

Fun part was where i got to sit down with the ZOEY ZAINAL and talked like there no tomorrow. LOL. we were laughing and laughing and laughing about everything. updated each others about what had been happening during the sem break. He definitely had me laughing so hard until Azri gave his dagger stare at me. HAHA. sorry, terexcited. Lol. waited for Syafiq to give me my bongela but he was no where to be seen. tomorrow, maybe :) went into the class and berbonding with everyone. Madam Sue said we're going to Istana Budaya for our report writing . ouh yesh ;)

Meet some of the semester 6 MC110 seniors. in case if you don't know, i am very close with most of them since they are the one who are in the production crews every time I had my theater plays. gonna miss them like hell fo' sure after this :'( life must go on. zoey was surprised that i actually believed in the laughing karma. as matter a fact, err err - okay, i forgot what to write already.

dammit -.-"

(pause ) AHA ! *continue typing :b

it's already dusk now and i've had my late lunch. ( I CAN COOK NOW !!! EXCITED can ?! XDD ) going to fold the clothes later. rasa macam maid kadang-kadang. hahahahaha :-D psh, mak cakap jangan merungut. hehe. LOL-ing now with Eight and Syafiq ; berbalas komen di Facebook. EIGHT SUMPAH KELAKAR ! *guling guling* buad lawak pulak malam-malam nie. I'm already trying not to laugh so hard because im afraid they would confiscated the house :P sebab ada orang gila kat dalam rumah (me) HUARGH ! *giggles* :P

meet up with the SR peeps during lunch. FUH, AIMAN semakin panas dengan rambut baru. tergoda jap. wahahaha :-D Uncle Hisyam bagi warning sebab pointer rendah. oh tidak :( Uncle Hisyam who? Uncle Hisyam is the husband of Kak Chik ; my Auntie Sally ;) takkan main-main semester dua ni, atika janji :D congrats to Bob by the way sebab jadi pak cik. waaaaa :-D hahaha. okay itu sahaja yang berlaku hari ni.

a ya, Kuantan sangat sejuk lately nih. macam oversea. PSH. asyik hujan. I'm sleeping with don't know how many matress on top of me. oh la la la :-D

#starting from today, i got to find entertainments to entertain me when i'm alone since i don't want to kept on clinging to my clans. INDEPENDENCE yaww ! :) good riddance, bad habits.

P/S : Ayuni and Syaika , thank you so much for the call semalam , besties ! ♥

adieu . xoxo.

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