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hey :)
Tuesday, January 18, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The owner of this blog had been abducted by aliens and was forced to clean their laundries for a week.


Okay , that was WIERDED . *smacks self* ;D

I've been SERIOUSLY busy lately with assignments and the ongoing progress of the event for my class. FUH , tiring and hectic . full of dramas and what not . Hmm. Assignments have been piling up as the days added in my academic schedule. SEMESTER 2 . it is even more tiring than you can imagine. Dah tiga hari tidur 4 jam jer. Pagi kelas , petang siapkan assignments , malam settle pasal events. at least I am . I shall not elaborate on the dramas . all is well now :)

Week 3 of semester two and I'm loving it in some ways. Loving it because I've grown attached to all the people who stepped into my life waaay back last year and I made new friends as well *teary eyes* :P The seniors are really nice and like I said repeatedly before , I'm going to miss them for sure . but then , life must go on :)

The amazing people I've grown attached to ♥

and HAHA , Syafiq's Blackberry . :-D

Yesterday i had a great evening with Adi as we went to Taman Bandar to take photos. Namie dearest kindly borrowed his Canon 1000D to me and I brought it along. Overall , it was an amazing evening . I learned so many new techniques from Adi herself and her friends that showed up later. I also had fun taking MIEYA ( Nami's DSLR ) for a walk during college hours. :)

Thank you , dearest . you is awesome ;)

Today I went to college , all ready for my OMT151 presentations. and photoshoot after that for the multimedia presentation . :) tapi bila diorang present , nganga jer lah :-D tak faham langsung. Nami , nak notes ? :'( BEL260 was fun too . nothing much happened. Berbonding bersama the twins , SYAHID and IQBAL *fangirl moments* ;D wait till i take pictures with them. Hahaha . Been filing the days with friends , berbonding , assignments , dramas , and flirting .

oh wait , FLIRTING ? ROFLMAO :p

Just kidding . Hahaha. Zero has been a good boy , and I wove him bery muchhh. Hihihi ;D chatting with Iqbal made me sounds like an economy analysist . LOLOLOLOLOL. HKR111 was a success thanks to him . TEEHEE :-D TONY ROMA'S BABYEH ! LAVV ;) lols. Disebabkan Iqbal sangat baik hati , atika pun bermurah hati nak belanja Chipsmoree *inside jokes* :-D Iqbal COMEL boleh tak ? Hahahaha.

ah , I am such a nice friend . kan ? kan ? *puji diri sendiri* tee hee hee ;)

10 Feb , Tony Roma's , Sunway Pyramid . :-D Okay , set. Hahaha. Lepak bersama senior MC110 during intervals in the afternoon. I finally got to talk to Nabil. HOMAIGOSH HE SHO CUTE , I CAN DIE . :P Vain pot some more . la la la la :-D I snickered at my own thoughts as I look at him right in the eyes as we talked. Nothing much . not really a chat . but ah , whatever . HOHOHO :p I have this great fondness of tall guys. so , shh it ! :p

Hiiiiiii , Nabil ! *waves excitedly :-D

8 yang hebat got excited as we lepak at that time. Not to be forgotten Syafiq as well. Entah lah apa yang dia excited sangat tuh . Magic cards or something *shrugs* Lols. Tangkap gambar dan merepek sebelum kelas bermula . Hee ! :-D NOW , WHO SAYS SENIORS AREN'T COOL ? Hee ! Biar lah atika bajet masscommer pun. Jealous ke ? *sarcastic* :') I am currently very much confused with OMT172 . susah gila buat surat bagai . ish *bawls* D: motiffff betul . NYOHOHOHOHO :'D

Day started well , and ended well . Alhamdulillah :)

Off to bed now. will continue with MAT112 in a short while.

P/S : Iqbal , i belanja you Tony Roma's , so you kena belanja i Starbucks pulak lah. Kbai >:D

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