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long hair :O
Thursday, January 20, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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this is how my hair looks like now.

so long :/

Day 3 of week 3 of the year 2011. The day started well , I guess. I got to eat breakfast at the cafeteria ( sgt lama tak makan breakfast ) and headed to class early. You know, ( topik menyimpang kejap) my body immune system has really gone haywire for real this time. I get so tired easily nowadays . Thanks to the irregular hours of sleep . :/ got to sleep well after this . College was tiring , as always . I went to see Encik Ismadi today with Intan and Fatin to ask for approval for the event's proposal. and lols , it is a YES :DD

Sangat happy walaupun badan macam nak patah dah . :|

Slept during BBM class. Angguk jer lebih bila Puan Sue tanya pasal hukum hakam bahasa . HAHAHAHA. tak faham -,- slept again throughout Miss Dee's class. She was kind enough not to penalize me for sleeping during the typing test. Heh. Thankyouuuus ! *muka comel* :-D I am getting better at typing . My score is like , 39 / 50 . working hard to score better . Hihihi :p MIEYA ( Namie's DSLR ) also had fun capturing the photos of my classmates for the multimedia presentation for the event. I met Auntie Sally at the BOD's meeting room . Feeling jadi mcm Uncle Azman jap. HAHAHAHA :p Went to see Atuk at the JPM department downstairs. Atuk bagi duit. yays :-D Saw INCIK amy *salute (;

oh oh , and i like , saw Nabil too *fangirl moment . HAHAHA. Aja said , " Awak ni , semua budak mass comm pun awak minat ! " Hohohoho :p YEKE ? I am like this ( hyperactive) since I was born . *grins* :B chilled with Adi as I waited for the next class. wee !

Nadia paid back the amount she borrowed from me last week. you're welcome :) Still looking for a job around the neighbourhood. Nak extra income lah :/ Maths was crazy HARDDD can?? *bawls* D: kena sabar kalau nak score Maths . tidur lambat pun sebab Maths . URGH. Went online on FB and remembered what Fiza told me the other day . Kehkehkeh. printscreen-ed it as a proof . *giggles

oh , seniors. :p

Went out for dinner with Adam , Nadia and Shikin . Ate seafood again . ahh , bliss (; then went to Teluk Cempedak to release stress ( yup , no other place like TC ) The night is amazing , as it is full moon today. CANTIK SANGAT !! ;D went back home and chatted with Syafiq before I hit the bed. Iqbal is going to Langkawi tomorrow ! Have fun , chipsmoreeee ! :-D

Missing the people back in Klang all of sudden. *sigh CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALL OF YOU SOON!! ♥

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