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Friday, January 14, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Shu Ee.
Lovin' this picture !


During HKR111 today , my lecturer gave us a group assignment and my group is assigned to do the topic of Marriage Encouragement. ( super hard can ? ;O )

as always , i got completely clueless . so I posted about the topic on Facebook and waited lazily for the feedbacks. Zul gave me funny feedbacks ( as usual ) and I replied his . Then Iqbal commented at my status update as well. Iqbal who ? Iqbal is Syahid's twin. BLOOD BROTHERS okeh . no play-play. He's taking SR113 . Which made me died for a moment. chocolate abs. Kui kui kui :p

Okay , that was a lie . HAHAHAHA. but , tee hee hee , i froze a little while .

The most adorable twins I've ever met. Oh wait, adorable ? More like drop dead hotties. =p but sorry girls , both taken dy. Heh . :) Back to the story , Iqbal literally helped me out in doing the assignment , elaborating the points and everything else. HAHA ! Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu :-D life would be easier if there's people like him to help me out in all my assignments. Hehe. No, I'm not taking advantages on him or anyone. Just asking their point of views about the topic :) Iqbal explained so many things that
I don't know about the Islamic marriage methods based on physiologycal and psycological needs. Something else about sex and the world.

Hmmm, very interesting :)

Blabbered and chatted with him via Facebook IM . He's friendlier compared to Syahid. LOL. Nevertherless , Thank you so much for the help . Appriciate it :) Had dinner at Teluk Cempedak with Adam and Shikin. Before that , I had the movies and songs from Nadia's copied into Zero. ^^ yays ! :) Went back at around 11 pm and noticed that TV3 is air-ing School Of Rock. JACK BLACK WTF ! ;D *fangirl moments* Hihihihi.

Going out to meet Ikmal tomorrow. AFTER TWO LONG ASS YEARS ! :-D CAN'T WAIT ! :)

p/s : I love Zero so much. Wanna marry him ;p hahaha.
pp/s : downloading School Of Rock. Hah ! :D

Toodles. xx.

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