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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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My side of the story ;
Friday, January 28, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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as always , there's always loop holes here and there. I never said that the comittee members actually planned to take me down and forced me to resign as the PM . SUMPAH ! it hurts knowing that you guys actually believe what the people have to say about it . Seriously , persetankan apa diorang cakap. You pernah cakap dekat i yang what people said doesn't matter. Prove them wrong , can you ? Tak payah ungkit pasal hak . Everyone have the right to voice out their opinion. Jangan biarkan apa yang diorang cakap tuh jadi kenyataan. YOU CAN DO IT ! I MYSELF believe you can . My side of the story is important too ( at least for me ) . True , people don't talk about something if there is no one who starts it. Just so you know , I DID NOT START THE WAR ! I am not the one who went complaining about the Top Management in the first place. Someone else did . Siapa yang buka pekung di dada sekarang ? and well, have you ever tried putting yourself in my shoes ? Have you ?

Kalau tak puas hati , confront me . easy . stop being such a pussy and spread the unspeakable denials to others. Cerita kat belakang pun , lama-lama sampai ke telinga i jugak . So, tak payah nak sorok lah. Don't make me tape your conversations and put it on speaker during the meeting. Ada orang tak puas hati ? Siapa dia ? Bagitau . We can sit down and talk about it. I'm not going to stab you at instance when I found out about it. Like , duh -,-. I ain't that HARDCORE . Kalau cerita tersebar pun , biar lah . IGNORE THEM. they're like parasits , ya know. They'll eat your dignity and respects alive and leave you once they're done.

Imagine having someone you respect so much and later to find out that person actually dislikes you . If that person is pressurized by everyone and the workloads , have you imagine how does it feels to be me ? I'm pressurized too . by the lecturers and what not. We're actually in the same situation . so yeah. The way you said it as if I am the one who is at fault . am i ? Entah lah. Ah ! persetankan apa yang diorang cakap , boleh ? Just do your part and ignore them . Mulut orang memang kita tak boleh tutup .

I bukan nak cari gaduh . Masih panjang lagi perjalanan kita semua . TOLONG LAH . Start growing up and move forward. Benda ini tidak perlu diperbesarkan lagi . Event ini akan berjalan dengan lancar , percaya lah . Went you start believing , then everything is possible. Amin.