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seriously ?
Friday, January 7, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Today is Friday, which marks the end of the MOST hectic first week of school for me. I am now in the second semester, pursuing my Diploma in Office Management and Technology for another 2 years. Nothing interesting happened today. Just for the fact that I actually cried over some silly matters . pfft. embarrassing can? aaaaaa :p Thank you everyone for being there for me. Heh. Got over dramatic at times. Hee :'D so we had our second unofficial meeting today. Progress went well . We had the meeting after our CTU 151 class , so yeah. ;) Ustaz is err err - funny and very fun to be with :-D Went online and searched for the materials to do the proposal. Zaty and Fatin are doing it too . My ever loyal secretaries . Heee :) Nadia and Shikin are also in charge in doing their programme; HM111's annual dinner. Thank you so much for the help :))

MINIONS OF MIRTH fo' shizz yaww ! :')

I can't wait to go back to Klang next Tuesday all because I can't wait to get my own laptop . all because i can't wait for my dental appointment *tipu* i can't wait to get back and meet up with the bestf . so many things to do, so little times. sigh . i want Subway but no one is nice enough to get it for me :| screw Kuantan for not having any Subway OR Nando's outlet hereeee :/

My biological clock is like, haywire. explaining why am i like, all weirded now. ;O

Sleeping has been my worse enemy for the whole week. and well, it has been raining like crazy here and fuck, i can't even sleep ! urgh. eye bags are like , partying under my eyes . psh. so yeah, me is like , moody now. aaaaaa. *slaps self* D:

#happy notes : i had fun chatting with my friends online. bull crap about the weirdest thing yet. demand weird stuffs from the boys of house no. 29 . WAHAHAHAHA :-D Azri is officially my master. and well, i dont know why do i feel like a little elf whenever i talk to him .___. hacked Syafiq's FB account and chatted with him. WEIRDED master. LOLOLOLOLOLOL :'D chatted with Bob too. waaaaa. nak nasi kukus lagi, please :-D Oppa is like, awesome. nanti kita baca berita lagi aite ? :B Will be seeing the masscommers on Monday. Hehe. LAVV ;) Classes on Friday are DEAD boring . mainly because of the lecturers. ugh. i went back with Miss Dila, Aja and Wona yang awesome :3 awesome people. haha. Miss Dila kata ; kalau orang nampak Atika naik kereta dengan dia , mesti controversy ouh :') HAHAHAHA.

I am so broke and dead tired now. just hung up the phone. sorry Adam, tak sihat :/ Nami is going back to KL tomorrow. HAVE FUN ! :) take care yeah. bawa balik MIEYA , jangan lupa ♥ Hehehe. yay fisheye baby ! :* . oh and i did something BIZZARE just now , I emailed Clark Kent ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :-D okay, that was daring. but whatever. weirded mood swing . Eek !

i feel feverish all of sudden. and im all alone now :/ Goodnight.

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