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strong baby (!)
Monday, January 10, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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i long so bad for this baby . *sigh*

yesterday was a long day indeed. I went to Terengganu with Wan, Aiman and two other friends. After watching My Ex-Haunted Lover on Saturday , Wan fetched my friends and I from ECM. and then he accidentally kidnapped us straight away to Terengganu. pfft. penculik okeh. :P we kept on falling asleep inside the car and i was actually afraid to sleep since Wan drove like , mad cow o________o we reach Terengganu at around 5 in the morning. chillax as Aiman and I watched football at the stall. their nasi goreng is rather tasty. a little tho. ouh well .

We practically explored the WHOLE Terengganu thanks to WAN . Hihi :p My most favourite place had to be PANTAI BATU BURUK. ouh, so much in love :) Had fun going to Kemaman , Kuala Berang , and of course, the famous Tasik Kenyir . ouh la la :-D then we headed back home after we had our dinner at Tanjung Lumpur. ah , bliss (Y) ♥

I woke up , all fresh and ready to go to college when i realized that my pencil case and file has gone missing . fuck ! i went panicked and completely freaked out ! ;O ended up cursing everything i saw right before me and still , it was no where to be found. i is sad :'( gonna buy new one when i got back to Klang tmr. yaaaaaaaaay ! ;) met the masscommers as planned. and WOW ! 8 look AH-MAZING !! *tak tipu* :-D he told me that he want to be like , TOP of BIG BANG. i went ' o_____o ' he is ay fan boy ! *beams happily* 8D first time meeting fan boy , so i got excited. ROFLMAO. like, FAN BOY and CHUM CHUM . hoho :p

Gave Namie and Syafiq the keropok i bought for them. Hope you guys like it :) Chatted with Kak Ainur. and well, had short meet up with my committee. and frankly speaking, i am indeed blessed to have all of them right next to me. especially INTAN ♥ thank you so much for the help ! i dont know how to repay you. ( nanti lah i belanja chocolate ) HEE :-D met Syahid . and *giggles hard* inside jokes. cannot write here. controversy ouh =p dia ada kembar. Okay , tu jer. hahahah ! berbonding with the boys of house no.29 . dah berbonding dah pun kan ? kan ? kan ? :)

Hujung bulan pergi steamboat. oh yays ! :-D

why do people like to stare eyh ? psh. i got stares from people everytime i talk to Oppa ? get a life. now. *stabs * akan rindukan sesi bergosip bersama oppa bila masing-masing dah busy nanti. :|
anyways, i just bought my ticket back to Klang. going back tomorrow evening after class. Adam is fetching me there . Thank you, Adam. :) got really emo about my pencil case today. *sigh* i love that pencil case wei. it was a birthday gift from Syakila . sorry, i lost it . :'( wasnt really in the mood until i decided to go back home and skipped OMT 172 and MAT112. period. *even longer dreaded sigh* :/

tired. all worn out. can't wait to go back tomorrow and just, forget about everything for once :]

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