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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, January 20, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Day 21 of 2011 ,

i got to chat with my darling junior from high school . WONG YIN ♥ she is now in form 5 . rasa teramat tua kot ! ish -,- we chatted for like an hour like that before I hit the bed. naww , i miss school all of sudden :/ *sigh

procrastinated doing MAT112's sequence assignments as I am completely not in the mood of doing it . Tomorrow ,
maybe. Kehkeh (; IM-ed 8 after dinner . best best best . macam biasa :-D cuti raya nanti nak balik Perak. LAKSA PAK NGAH !! ftw! Syafiq is already on his way back to Kuala Lumpur. Take care :) Kirim salam kat semua. Ate Nasi Kukus during the day with Bob . Thank you sebab teman Atika :-D *tunjuk braces* ;D haha !

Wong Yin (;

House is a mess , so I'm going to do the spring cleaning tomorrow. Assignments are still piling up. Event's progress is just , fine . Thank you alls (; Did chu realized I changed the font of the blog posts ? Heh. I got bored , so yeah :) neater , i supposed ? :-D oh ! oh ! and you know what ? SYAHID IM-ED ME !! *heart attack* :DDDD lols. dia , uhm KELAKAR :') he was surprised to know that I can actually write short fics. Hahas.

Excitednya dapat IM-ed dgn Syahid . Hekhek. *muka comel* :-D

Tell the girlfriend I say hi eyh? (; Speaking about Syahid , the twin , Iqbal is still in Langkawi. HAHA. cepat lah onlineeeee . asyik-asyik takde jer. Macam chipsmore kot ! *gelak * Hohoho :p RIBS RIBS RIBS. :-D Tomorrow's 8.30 am class is cancelled . YAYS ! :-D

*motiffff dia na berkelakuan sebegitu ?

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