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where is my genie ?
Thursday, January 6, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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My blog is like - DEAD. sorry. Heh.

just came back from a very tiring BUT fun night out again with the masscomers part 6. the usual gang would be Wona yang awesome, Zoey , Oppa , Timie , and Aja . It has been two nights in a row I've had dinner with them , and well, we just had a great time together. Diya and Esya joined us yesterday but not today tho. i had TWO roti telur and iced milo. hehe. sedap :] chit chat and gossiped as Aja helped me out with the proposal . awak, thanks a lot sebab tolong kita ♥

I have been appointed as the Project Manager for this semester OM114's event. I have to plan the whole event with the help from others semester two's students. going to have our first meeting tomorrow. according to plan, we plan to have our very first red carpet dinner . ala - ala Oscar gituuu. everyone has to dress up like movie starrrs . ngeh ngeh ngeh :-D got a lot of tips from Timie and Oppa . thanks again :) BERGOSSIP BERSAMA OPPA SEPERTI BIASA. cerita panasss you alls ! Zoey let me watch the advertisement that he made for his sem 5 project . ( i'm in it ) hahahaha :-D

Okay, so, MUET just came out today . and everyone were dead anxious to know what band did they got into. i was with them and they were like hot worms ( cacing kepanasan ) LOL. i want you guys to know that you guys did your best and i am very proud of each and everyone of you :-D Berbonding with Azri ; the infamous Mr. pokerface. he's very peculiar for a guy ( inside jokes ) HAHAHAHAHA :P appointed me as his spy . sejak bila ntah . funny and very err err - sarcastic <> ( since when entah lah ) KEKEKEKEZ . bro-mance wtf ♥

BOB TREAT ME NASI KUKUS ! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-D seronok boleh tak ? menghabiskan masa seharian dengan beliau . hehehe . thanks , Bob . lepas ni , na serang eight pulak. and Syafiq . MEHEHEHEHEHEHE >:D met the girls of 2B during lunch. gone gaga-fied for vintage dress. and i bought a red one online. ka-chings ! ;)

zoey drove me back home. he thought me a valuable lesson tonight. I wont do it again, PROMISE. thank you so much ! :-D way too tired now. off to bed. a long day waiting ahead tomorrow morning.

P/S : 1 in the morning and Superboy ta tido lagi. ARPA ? nak kena ni. :P

Goodnight ! :)

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