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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Zero Cool.
Sunday, January 16, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I had an amazing day out with the clans today . Adam fetched me from the house and we headed to East Coast Mall to watch Khurafat. The moment we reached there , I meet up with Ikmal . AFTER TWO YEARS :D Sumpah excited giler dapat jumpa dengan Ikmal. Hakhak. :')

Adam went away with Farhan while I sat down and chatted with Ikmal , Aiman and Akmal at Starbucks . We had fun chatting as we waited for Akmal to finish up his assignments . Akmal and Aiman definitely had fun chatting with Ikmal. *inside jokes* :p Berbonding , bersembang , bergelak ketawa bersama-sama. Orang lain pandang jer. Hahahahaha .

Namie , Shikin and Nadia are at ECM as well. After berbonding , the four of us headed to Johny's to have our late lunch ( mine and Ikmal's ) Hahahahaha ! Ordered my fav , Bihun Tom Yam for the two of us. Heh :D sho nice can ? omnomnomnom :] Then we saw Nab , Husna , Dora and Wan at the table next to us. eceh , kantoi :p while waiting for Nadia and Shikin, we ate and berbonding with each other.

sumpah jumpa ramai giler orang. .___. Akmal , Aizat , Adam , Farhan , Aiman , Namie , Safwan , Wan , Nab , Dora , Husna and of course , NUR IKMAL AZMI ;)

Sangat best . It has been a while since all of us got to go out and relax :) Rasa sangat happy ! :D hahahahaha. Akmal brought Namie's DSLR . so , apa lagi , camwhoreeeee ♥ After ECM , we headed to Teluk Cempedak untuk merehatkan diri. Release tension. Had dinner at McD's after Afiq , Danny , Aiman and Wan joined us . Afiq sengal ! -,- lol. something unexpected happened, so blergh , whatever.

Time for the photos ! :-D

Teluk Cempedak ; 1935 hours.
Namie .

sorry, amaetur . gambar tak lawa :/


Nadia is promoting Johny's . HAHA ! :p

Budak-budak yang excited tengok kamera :p

the other half (;

Ikmal Azmi ;
tangkap gambar macam dia tuh boyfriend Atika kaaaaan .

@ Starbucks ♥

Java Chip Mocha , please ! :D

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