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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Sunday, February 27, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Friday , February 25th -

Spent the day rehearsing for the final of TOP HOST CHALLENGE :) Yup . I am in the final . together with Donut , Syahid , Hery and also erm - Izzah ? Don't remember her name . Heh. Sorry. also , the finalist of JUNIOR TOP HOST CHALLENGE :'D such darlings . awww :)) Berbonded with them , because they awesome like me . HAHA. Had fun laughing together and also taking pictures. Naww , i miss them already ! Tyra, Eyqa , Renu , Cathy and also the rest. After that, berpasar malam with the big brother , the pet girrafe and also the superstahhh ; my big brothers as a whole :) Thank you. Berpiknik di depan rumah mereka selepas ituh. EPIC kot. We talked about alot of things. Gone WILD ( roflmao ) laughing with them. Adoi lah, abang-abang semua nih. HAHA. Sangat kemotifan cakap pasal macam-macam benda . LOLS :'D

Had a great day with them. TIRING but FUN :)

Saturday , February 26th -

Went to TOP HOST CHALLENGE at East Coast Mall :) Did my level best , and I got runner up. Syahid got the first place. Thank you to those who texted me , wishing me good luck . Friends and loves one who came and supported me , THANK YOU SO MUCH Was excited seeing Nur Farahin Jamsari in person for the first time. Met Uzair , Cik Kikin , Izzat and the others there. SANGAT HAPPY DAAT TANGKAP GAMBAR DENGAN CIK KIKIN !! :DDD Ejat pun ade juga. dia pun comel macam cik kikin . ( kena paksa cakap Ejat tuh comey lerh :p ) My college is having the Education Carnival for the first time this year. I HAD LOADS OF FUN ! After the ceremony , I took pictures with the peeps . TANGKAP GAMBAR BANYAK-BANYAK ! :'D Rasa sangat famous uolls (; Ngeee.

Blessed 21st, Uzair ! :DD

Congratulations to the winners (; all of you who participated , you were great ! :))

Akak also came after that . Mingled and wandered off around the Mass Comm's booth before we headed to Padang MPK pulak. Heee :)) Got Ride It Right 's carnival. it was uhm - boring and tiring -.- Tertidur kepenatan di rumah. Woke up at around 8.30 pm ( HEADACHE !! ) and Nadia said we're watching movie at ECM. Dragged myself into the toilet , pening-pening and took my bath. Got ready and then , went straight to ECM.

Went to see the peeps , the brothers and the seniors at the booth. it seemed they are packing up . Took more pictures as I saw big sis there too ! :DDDD I am a happy girl already !! (; Berbonding bersama and tangkap gambar terbang ~ weee :D had heart to heart talk with one of the brothers. BE STRONG :) and yes, I bought Superboy's camera. Ferdy and I promised to bring our camera ( okay, I'm just going to use Superboy's one loh . Hehe ) tomorrow. WAAAAA :-D

We watched Drive Angry and the main character is Nicholas Cage. Overall rating is 8/10 . Cinematography is good , but err - got SO MANY explict scenes and killing brutally scenes. I was O.o throughout the movie. Texted Superboy throughout the day . Bliss (Y) ♥ Sangat sibuk hari ini. Tak berkesempatan nak berchatting dengan the sistah . Heee. Sorry . Soon , okeh ? ;D

Movie ended and guess what ? WE WERE TRAPPED AT THE BASEMENT . zzzzzz . Felt like a complete noob. Cannot stop laughing. EPIC PHAILED wehy ! :p Dah lah kena gelak dengan abang guard tuh . HAMPEH :p

I miss home all of sudden .

East Coast Mall , Kuantan.
0137 ; 27 February 2011 :)

P/S : My Manglish is terrible. -.-

tomorrow awaits ! :)

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