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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Sunday, February 20, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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Sometimes , the love we have for that person does not need to be shown. As for me , I'm the kind of person who intrepret my love and compassion in various ways . I don't go to my sister and tell her everything. and vice versa. She knows that I'll be there for her , no matter what. Now, that's my way showing that I love her. I don't need to tell her everyday how awesome she is because she knows me well. now that's what I call love. I scold my brothers , I glare at them because they irritate me so much . but then, that my way of showing them that I love them. I don't call my parents everyday to tell how am I doing because I recite the Yaasin and my prayers for them everyday. Telepathically , they know I'm doing well. They believe in me. That's my way of showing how much I love them. I hug my friends everyday because I love them . I tend to be biased sometimes not because I intend to , all because I put myself in a way that I treat different people with different degree of love-o-meter.

Mind you, I'm not being sexist or even racist .

It's just , at times, all the things that happen to me taught me a lesson ; is this particular person for real ? I mean, everyone is a normal human being. His amazing creations , that's for sure. It got me thinking , sometimes , I think too much that everything seemed bizzare and artificially made. I tried my level best to be the perfect sister for my siblings , the perfect daughter for my parents , the perfect best friend for the besties , the perfect perfectionist in everyone's eyes . but up till now, I've realize that I am not one and never will I be. We actually don't know how a person really is , right ?

you've probably say , " I know her so well. She's like this , this and this -"

or even , " You don't know him well enough , I guess"

Have you ever thought that that particular person acts in such way all because they just want to please you ? LIFE IS ALL ABOUT PLEASING OTHERS ? I don't know. A contradiction. A mind game. Everyone is winning and everyone is losing as well. A small favor make so much deal back in the days. We know that person's flaws but still, we tend to say nothing just because we don't want to hurt that person's feeling. TRUE? We say we love that person , but at the same time , we gave hopes on others. Now where's the fairness , I'm asking you ? to be honest, I am not that good in pleasing everyone. People might see me smiling all the times but they just don't know what is the heart fighting within .

Showing your love and compassion to your loved ones doesn't matter as long as the heart knows what its deed for the day.


that doesn't make you any better than me.