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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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The friendliest stranger.
Saturday, February 5, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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So , today I chatted with Eina Samian via Facebook the whole day . First , during the day . then , at night . She is freaking hilarious ! *laughs hard* :DD Eina who , you may asked ? Like duh , she's like , the sweetest candy and the light of Iqbal's life . You know Iqbal ? Iqbal is Syahid's twin . Syahid? Syahid who ? Syahid is like , the most amazing undiscovered multi-talented homo sapien exists in my college . and duh , I'm like Syahid's biggest fan . *cheesy grins*

SYAHID is all over this blog nowadays. All hail Syahid ! *banana dance* :DDD

. . . . and why are we talking about Syahid in the first place again ?

*stop fangirl moments*

ah , yes . Back to the main story of today. I chatted with Eina alright . YES , EINA. not Syahid . Syahid is at home , watching news . on tv. OKAY , BACK TO EINA . *stop getting disracted by the awesomeness aura of Syahid* Heh. She is my unofficial sister in travelling pants ( wth am I kidding ? ) o___o and I must say , she is friendly . and very pretty . * dengan suara yang sangat perlahan* pssst , Iqbal . you are very lucky (; She quoted that I am the friendliest stranger she's ever met. and I take that as a compliment. Tee hee hee ! We practically talk about EVERYTHING . books and writings. she longs to be one ( GO FOR IT , EINA ! ) and cheese . fattening cheese . *hungreh* -_- "

and random stuffs about Mr. Famous Pants ( Iqbal ) AHAHAHAHAHAHA :-D okay , inside jokes . no need to know can ? ;p Shhh it ! all that matters now is well - uhm - err - EINA IS FRIENDLY AND FUNNY AND I OWED HER A BLOG POST ! NYOHOHOHOHOHO ;D

P.S : You don't really need to wait anxiously for my next post, y'know. Other mediums of communication are available if you miss me THAT much.
P.SS: I'm awesome . and go find EINA SAMIAN on Facebook . ADD HER . but mind you , she's taken and the boyfriend is a huggable material .
P.SSS : Though just waiting and anticipating for my next post sounds touching. AND ignore the friend suggestion about Eina. Haha. Kidding about the boyfriend too. They're both AWESOME lulz.
P.SSSS : I don't mean to sound narcissist nor do I intend to feel like someone important from the previous PSes.

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