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From Kuantan , with ♥ ;
Sunday, February 13, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Taman Gelora ; February 2011.
Thankyou , MHS (;

Today , as planned , I went out with the seniors ; my kakak ; Kak Ainur , my pet giraffe ; Hibri Syafiq , Diya , Azri , and Aza. At first, we went to ECM to have KFC (; Akak belanja ! weeee :-D We meet up with Esya , Zai and Beatrice . the new obsession / stalking subject / awesome home sapien , LUTFI came later :DD HAHA. okay , he's cute lah . ada darah Arab kan ? kan ? Friendly as well . tee hee ! (;

Something happened later . Had to do with Azri and Aza . wthhhh.

Ze master is err err . . . different . wayyy different that i thought he is . HAHA. now i know ;p It was fun talking and chatting with them as I ate my portion of the chicken. stupid original chicken . zzzz. masin sangat ;____; Then I run out of drink and decided to buy my favourite soft drink at the counter. Today is Sunday , means people are on break . zzzzz. * getting wrinkles* waited for like , 10 minutes for it . but heh , cuci mata sebab abang cashier kaunter sebelah sangat comel ! hello ~ hello ~ waaaaaaa *fangirl moments* ;D tee hee hee ! grab my drinks , paid and went back to my seat.

and awwwwww ! Syafiq's camera is super cute :3 His baby dearest no.4 , kan ? Hee ! :) camwhored with it because it is officially MINE for the day . ye lah tuh :p Kak Ainur brought Wona's DSLR as well. wawawawawawa :-D sangat excited (; Berkenalan bersama Lutfi and made the first video of the day :D

Video pertama tentang ke-excited-an menunggu ketibaan Syahid Sokri . cett . * adrenaline rush* KEKEKEKEKE ;p

Azri , Aza , Esya , Beatrice , and Zai left for a walk whereas Lutfi and the rest of us went to Taman Gelora to look at this new place that had just been recently opened to the public. Kampung Nelayan. view dia sangat cantik (; IN LOVE. haha ! :D Took some photos as well. Memang gila lensa betul ! HAHAHA :') Berbonding bersama LUTFI *ngehngeh* ;D , Diya , Kak Ainur as well as Syafiq . Texted the big sis as well.

Waiting anxiously for SYAHID. * kipassusahmati* :p

Record the second video of the day . Named the so-called show ' STEP FORWARD : SYAHID ' for fun. HAHA. hosted by Atika Sikun . COOL OR NOT ? ;p Lutfi told me that he's competing for the 8tv show, THE SHOWDOWN. He's a B-boy ! lagi hebattttt * jaw dropped* :b Hihi ! Take pictures , laughed at Diya * inside jokes * :'D and then waited for Lutfi's friends to come.

*pause for air* Tak boleh bernafas. excited sangat. HAHA.

After few calls , ramblings, err men-syok-kan diri sendiri , the friends came. comel jer diorang dua orang. Heh. (; Okay lah. don't talk much. Muka macam agak ke-pelik-an tengok budak bernama Atika neh. Heh . Sorry lah hor . Saya memang hyper active (; Then headed to Teluk Cempedak . Racing ( feeling-feeling sahaja ) sambil buat third video untuk STEP FORWARD.

I want to be a YOUTUBE superstahhhh ! ;D

Reached Teluk Cempedak . and saw this one awesome dude on a motorbike. He's not moving . HE'S uhm - WEIRD. but i had fun talking to him . Photobugs were all over me taking my photos . HOHOHO :p FAMOUS nya diri ku inih ! Heee ;D Take more photos as we headed down to the beach .

and record the FOURTH video for the day . MEHHHHH . still waiting for the superstah ( Syahid ) 's arrival.

Lutfi called me Miss Potpetpotpet :'D You probably know why . HAHA. His friend , is hilarious :)) We took MORE photos and chatted . Enjoying the breeze. Laughed for no reasons, make fun of the peoples . we're kinda bored / mean . psttt , blame errr err everyone * muka innocent* :DDD Heh. Ask Lutfi to showed us back flip . and HE DID IT ! SO INCREDIBLY AWED ! ♥ I was like , ' kan best kalau boleh buat back flip gak? ' then berangan kejap. FUH ! best best :b

Then bersembang lagi. Text big brother. and waited for him . Banyak makan orang tua tuh hari ni . AHAKS. :p BOSAN bersembang , then tangkap gambar. Buat sign pic :3 Sembang lagi. :DDD Best lah . Relaxing . :-D Big brother finally came and we headed to McD for dinner . I WANT ICE CREAM ~~~ ;DDD Take more pictures. Temankan 8 pegi top up hunting ! 8 belikan buih err alah , benda yang kita tiup keluar buih tuh ? Heh. EXCITED sebab da lama tak main . Kehkehkeh. Thankyouuuu ! (; Teman 8 beli ice cream . Bergosip. *keningkening* ;D Bought ice cream and went back to our seat.

Diya , Kak Ainur and Syafiq were waiting as we arrived. Bersembang lagi. Belajar bro-code handshakes ( or something like that ) from big bro. Laugh summore . Ish , penat gelak. Tangkap gambar lagi. Memberi pendapat untuk Diya . Errr ate somemore. Recorded the final video for STEP FORWARD : SYAHID . SYAHID SOKRI tak datang ! ;_____; emo kejap. Huuuu. takpe lah . esok kan ade ? Heh. OVER ! *slaps* btw, Im gonna be a YOUTUBE superstahhhh ! WOOOOOSH ! :b Went snow cap hunting for big sister and slippers hunting for Syafiq . Hehe. Bid farewell to 8 . headed back home after a long tiring day . FUN :)

Oh , and HI , LUTFI, and UZAIR * waves excitedly* ( tetiba) :-D

PHOTOS now , shall we ? (;


Kak Ainur ♥

Diya and I . *she's allergic to hugs. ROFLMAO*

photobug :)

Syafiq and I .
Height issues. LOL.

trust me , he's THAT friendly ;D

I harassed this guy . err - patung ?

* more photos on my Facebook. MEHH . go see for yourself lah hor? lazy to upload all . Heh.

P.S: Thank you everyone for making my day !
P.SS : Sorry about the long post. I AM that HAPPY ;)
P.SSS : Yes , I am a big fan of Syahid . NO , I don't like like him , I just uhm -
adore him. Kekeke :p
P.SSS: Thank you , big brother for the buih-buihan :3
P.SSSSSS : I want to take a picture with Syahid ? * dreamy* Kekekekeke ;p
P.SSSSSSS : I am awesome ! so are you ! :)

Goodnight . Heading to school tomorrow :))

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