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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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The Green Hornet was . . .
Friday, February 4, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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Jay Chou is *dies again* I had fun fangirl-ing over Jay Chou despite the super annoying guy who sat in front of me . Feel like kicking his head HARD . Pfft. Stupid guy . 3D was super awesome . The picture look rather bokeh-ed without the 3D specs. Spent the day with Amira Sikun at Starbucks before the movie starts. Bought the fav Java Chip Mocha and chilled . Finished up CTU151 assignments. Fuh , finally ! :-D Cuci mata walaupun tak seberapa. Ouh ouh , I SAW JACOB @ Nando's . *drools* smokin' hot shiznett ! grrrr ;p TERGODA kejap. Heh. After movie , we headed back home , tapau McDonald untuk adik. DOUBLE CHEESE BURGARRR ;D

Reached home at around 7 pm. Ira texted me that she emailed her BBM part to me. Helluva ! ;) I quickly opened my email inbox and saw that tha email is there. *jumps up and down* :DDD finished up the BBM assignments and what not. IM-ed Fira and Kak Ainur. Ah , bliss (Y) Ate the ever famous Klang very own Nasi Ambeng :-D Mak bought keropok lekor too . yumm :3 Heavenly dinner , can ? :DD Chatted with Eina and Syiken via Facebook wall comments. WAAAAAA . the awesome twin punya girlfiend are so friendly. and pretty too ! :)) Can't wait to see you guys soon ;) Going back to Kuantan next Friday. 6 more not-so-miserable days to go .
Kak Ainur is fetching me from the terminal. Might be going to her house for the night. Then going out with her friends on the next day ; 13 Feb . At least , there's people who wanted to hang out with me other than you. I love my friends . The clans , especially . TEE HEE HEE ;D

and yays ! the big brother and the big sister are back texting moi ! i is happy ;)

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