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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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I'm gonna make everything worth while ,
Friday, February 18, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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my pet giraffe ; Hibri.
Heh :D

I'm all better now :)

All of the assignments have been submitted * yay* ;D so now I had to do revisions for the upcoming finals :) and tests. Berbonding back with the girls . Heh. Gonna make everything worth while now. Completely contented with the people around me. They are the ones who kept me going till now. THANKYOU :D Just had my dinner . Ah, bliss ;) Kenyang sudah . HEHE. Sleepover at Maddy's two days ago. It was FUN alright. I want to buy that awesome lint thingy. Iqbal , Sunway jom ! :DD Then lepak di Juara bersama Maddy and Syafiq.

Camwhored with the brothers and Apek in the auditorium while waiting for BEL260 to start. Chatted with the brothers via Facebook. Adoi lah ( bak kata 8 ) , diorang sume dah addicted dengan game Baking Life tuh . -___- KEMOTIFAN. Asyik anta request jer. Eh , orang da tak main lah game tuh. CETTT ;p

Mak and Adik is in Thailand now. so yeah. HAVE FUN , y'all ! :) Take care . ilysm :D

Friday night is so boring. Chatted with Iqbal and the other brothers. Iqbal is now my brother on Facebook. yay ! :-D Uhm , HELLO (; Uzair is super cute. and very nerdy . Lols. All the best for your event :) Going to do my business review on Maxis's CSR. for OMT115. Got the big bro punya hard disk. Yeay :) Banyak movies and songs :3 and err , banyak unknown names and video clips . TAK BERANI NAK BUKAK . Eheh. o___o Nanti ada yang menangis karang. BAHAYA . aaaaaaa. :p

Repatched everything back with Superboy. I dont hold any grudge on any of you. Trust me :) IM-ed Fira , Eina and Syiken few days back. Heh. The sistah on Facebook. RAWR ! :b can't wait to meet them in flesh ;D Abang-abangku , bila lah kan ? Hahaha. :-D I miss the big sister . Huuu * emoeh* Had fun at college although I feel like a walking zombie for the whole week. Halo , eyebags +__+ Gonna succumb everything during the weekend. Nak study and kemas umah lah. Haishh. I want to be a good girl :))

Yes , I'M GOING TO BE A GOOD GIRL from now onwards. :)

BROKE. I need money . *sniffs* :'(

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