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My brother is a Korean. FUYOH !
Thursday, February 10, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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As planned , Iqbal and I went to Tony Roma's today for lunch. I reached quite early so I decided to wait for Iqbal at Starbucks. Starbucks is LOVE (; Drink my regular Java Chip Mocha and went online . Hoho. At around 12 . 10 like that , Iqbal , the pretty man showed up ( see how many nicknames I got for him :p ) Started chatting as we walked to Tony Roma's .

HE.IS.SO.CUTE. *the same guy who shared the same DNA as SYAHID* *dies* (;

Welcomed warmthly into Tony Roma's by their waitresses and waitres, I just love good customer services (; Hoho ! :p Chatted somemore ( I talk a lot, shaddap you ! ) before we finally decide that we want ( Iqbal want to have the full slab ribs ) for lunch. Heh.

The ribs *drools*

As we waited for the ribs, we talked about so many things. From our programmes , degrees , future plannings and err err PLU *inside jokes* HAHAHAHAHA ! I gave Iqbal the hard copy of Poor Rich Girl for Eina :) Hope she'll like it. kan ? Who knows we've bonded SO well although this is my first time having casual chat with him . Okay , saya tak tau yang INCIK SYAHID ada kembar lah -.-" As the food arrived , we chatted summore and we talked about our programmes. He said I should actually take up Mass Comm instead of OM. WAHAHAHA :'D macam bangga kejap . Heh.

It was somehow, freezing cold inside Sunway that I had to go to the loo twice. urgh , bladder ku :P Abang Iqbal kata ramai orang cakap muka dia macam orang Korea *gelak guling-guling sampai kuar umah* HAMPEH jer. Word of the day : I tak cakap , diorang yang cakap. Jadi, I iyakan jer lah . ROFLMAO. Ye lah tuh Iqbal :)) The ribs was incredibely delicious !! I'M IN LOVE ! hee (; and loving the black pepper sauce. nyum nyum ~ *drools more* :-D

Very excited and very satisfied customers (Y) :-D

Muka excited :P

The Korean artist is hungreh :b

Dah agak kenyang masa ni . Hee :))

Ribs cost us RM81.10 :)) but it was worth it . TOTALLY. :-D A ya , dan Iqbal makan macam Aiman. SANGAT BANYAK o____o and sangat suka dengar Iqbal bercakap. Slang Kedah agak pekat boleh tak ? :P Tapi dia best . sebab Abang Iqbal KUAT PERASAN ! * laughs hard* (; Eeeee. kenapa panggil Abang nieee ? HOHO. ade lah benda yang berlaku dua tiga hari lepas kan. Heh. The boys of house number 29 are officially my big brothers. Except for Azri , cuz he is too awesome to be my brother. HE IS IN FACT, MY CELEBRATED MASTERRR ! :b

Apa aku membebel neh ? -___-

Then sesi menangkap gambar pulak. Iqbal tanya , ' perempuan memang suka bawak kamera pergi mana-mana eh?' Hampeh jer. Jealous much ? Ngeeee :D The waiter and waitress there are super friendly and nice. :-D Banyak tangkap tapi tak semua yang menepati citarasa . Iqbal da feeling famous bila dia start pasal LTDL . YEAH , CONFIRMED. ABANG SAYA SANGAT FEMES * PLU alert* (; Sape suruh muka jambu sangat kan? Kehkehkeh. Iqbal showed me his picture when he's BALD. Macam serial killer pulak -__-" Iqbal Sokri , the serial killer. WOW ! TAJUK NOVEL BARU ! ;D oke tak , Eina ? Huuuu.

Aftr 2839479684003 attempts , YEAH . a nice photo :D

Dah habis satu rusuk untuk saya :)

I didn't eat much because the soft pain I'm feeling in my mouth. Still not used of NOT having metal inside my mouth . Hehe. :) It's oke. My body metabolism rate is high ( fuh , kesan daripada lunch bersama budak SR ) LOLOLOLOLOL :p We also talked about big bro , the boys and the girls. my friends and his juniors. HAHA. so many people. Scholarship offers and such. BEST OUH SEMBANG DENGAN IQBAL *excited* ;D Iqbal left at around 2.30 . After that , I walked around Sunway to find Subway.

and I GOT LOST. wtfffffff.

Spend like half an hour looking for it. OI ! EPIC PHAILED , I said to myself. I even bumped into the same person for like five times. wth. lolololol. Iqbal kept laughing at me via text. KEJAM ;___; HOHO. Bought ze Subway and then chilled outside Starbucks, menghilangkan rasa penat. Hihihi. Saw a Negrian sitting in front of me . Teringat reggae , music pilihan Abang Iqbal. AHAHAHAHA :'D

me and my PURR-fect teeth? ♥

This what boredom causes me to do. :-D

Mi Subway. woots ! :D


The love of my life ♥

Reached home , all exhausted but it was fun. Seriously fun . HAHA. Thankyou for the amazing lunch :3 Next time , belanja I pulak eh ? (; NAK KENNY ROGERS ! :b

P/S : EINA , GET WELL SOON , BEAUTIFUL ! ♥ nanti , kita boleh sembang lagi. Ngehngeh :'D

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