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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Terr-riffic !
Saturday, February 19, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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This is my current laptop wallpaper.


motifffssss ??

Model Korea cha ! ;D

I went out with the seniors again today. RAJIN mereka melayan atika. Hehe. So , we headed to ECM FOR LUNCH and then TELUK CEMPEDAK for our accidental photoshoot :DD So yeah, tangkap gambar dengan banyaknya dan merepek bersama the pet giraffe. GAMBAR semua masih lagi dalam proses transferring . ROFL. Esok-esok jer lah.

Hari ni rasa sangat blur. -.- wtf.

We headed to TC. Aja , Akak , Syafiq , Diya , Miza ( Akak's colleague ) and also Aja's friend , Mazatul . TANGKAP GAMBAR lagi. Why couldn't I remember what happened today ? zzzzz. What I remember the most is we took TRUCKLOADS of PHOTOS. and Syafiq and I went completely HIGHed over GATSBY ads. * gelak guling-guling* :DDD

I ~ can give you Gatsby ~ oh la la la ~ * sangat feeling Gatsby weh* WENG -.-

Harassed Eina and Syiken on Facebook. Eina , good luck for your Enviromental Week ! :) Thank you to Akak for the treat and also for printing out adik punya assignments ! (; SAYANG AKAK * muahh* :'D Chatting with the twins now. HOHOHO. Syahid-ness and Iqbal-ness ! KEHKEHKEH. :)) Thank you to those who made my day today ! FUN :))

Had dinner with Superboy tadi. I miss talking to him . That sincere smile from him :) Merepek bersama Megat and now , looking for my happy pills ! :'D Adoi lah , kenapa semua orang tak sihat ni ? eek ! -.- Pergi lah rehat. Kenapa degil haaa ? * sekeh sekeh* :p

Study tomorrow. * fired up* :DD

Gatsby song , please leave my head now. OH TIDAKs. ;____;

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