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why , I can see you smiling again .
Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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before , during and after :-D

Today marks one of the most exciting day in my whole 19 years old-worth of living . YES , I've finally took off my braces ! *square dance* :DDD so yeah, that explains WHY did i post up the picture. Hoho ;p Despite spending 4 hours in the doctor's room , I dont't mind cuz everything paid well. ph and the internal bleeding too -,- 19 years old Atika Sikun is now a beautiful girl ( suddenly) ;p

Ekekekekekeke (; posted the picture on FB and got amazing feedbacks. Everyone back in Kuantan is super excited to see me in person . Haha :p ( I think they're excited. Kalo tak , hampeh jer . -___- " Ahahahaha ! *laugh at myself* Ngehngeh :-D After that , I went to the Imigresen Office with Abah to do my pasport ! HELLYEAH , I HAVE A PASPORT NOW ! omnomnomnom :]

oke . done being all excited . haha !

After that , I cash deposited the house rent. Thankyou Nadia ! (; Heee. Abah top up kan Atika RM10. fuyoooo. sumpah best. Heh. The sister brought back the hard copy of Poor Rich Girl. Giving it to Abang Iqbal esok. A ya , in case if you don't know , I DO HAVE A LOT OF SISTERS AND BROTHERS. and YES, they love me THAT much :3 so, STFU if you don't know anything . DUHHH -.-


Going back to Kuantan on Friday . Finally leaving Klang. Missing the peoples there . AH , just excited. and please don't let anything ruins this excitements. They have tests next week. Okay, fine . I HAVE TESTS NEXT WEEK :O MAT112 macam ASDFGHJKL; seriously sangat takut tak boleh score . Huwaaaaaaaa ;(

WTH am i kidding ? me need to work super hard deh ! *fired up* :-D First day not having braces in my teeth is so weird. WEIRDED. I need to talk to someone. BIG BROTHER and BIG SISTER :p HAHAHAHAHA. dimanakah ? big brother , sorry ouh kalo lil sis buat big bro marah :| Shikin called me just now. How thoughtful ! I MISS KUANTAN !! D: going out with Iqbal Sokri tmr. Tony Roma's and Subway , finally ♥ Haha ! Habis lah Iqbal esok. Be prepared yeah ? (;

I miss talking to Superboy. Hmm.

it's official . I want to go back to Kuantan right now if I could . Heh. 72 hours more to go !

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