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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, March 17, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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so hey ! :) Finally, I am able to blog again.

* fuhhhhh * so dusty. Heh.

The week has been HECTIC , crazy and well, full of dramas . I've submitted all my assignments , alhamdulillah . Things have NOT been treating me fairly. I've got to deal with so many things but oh well, lesson learned. Addicted on TUMBLR, thanks to the new found friend , Rabiatul Rosli. Been accompanying each other for the past few days :)) Best kodd. Bergosip , bercerita dan macam-macam lagi. She is like, my soul mate in a way . Hee hee . A lot of things have been happening . I lost track of most of it. But all I can say is , there's been laughter and tears involve.

It has been like, forever indeed.

Event is only a week away , and I'm somehow anxious waiting for it. MODERN CONTEMPORARY. :)) I'm gonna wear the kimono (?) that I bought for only RM5 at the charity few weeks back. Expenditure for this month has been UNBELIEVABLE. I spent for almost RM800 on everything == There goes my dream of saving some ka-chings. grrrrr . Event abang-abang saya hari Ahad nie. Lil sis doakan kejayaan korang semua eyh . Amin :) Same goes to the UTM students who will be having their Minggu UTM minggu hadapan. :) Nak pegi tengok UPIN & IPIN ;( Ridwan , can i ? pretty please ? *kelip mata laju-laju* Heeee :-D

Left with presentations , and finals. THEN , YAAAAAY ! cuti ! :DD

Hehe. Balik Klang on the 29th. Tak sabar ;) Nak jumpa Abang Iqbal esok. Hihi. nak jumpa semua orang. Heeee. oh and by the way, I couldn't help but to worry about my abang - abang. alahai :'( Take care , please . I'm worried sick already. GREAT lah. sigh.

They ask me to join futsal and it had me laughing. HAHA. I'll pass, girls . Sorry ;)

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