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Flying without wings
Saturday, March 5, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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My attendance for this week is BAD, very BAD. == *bawls*

Sorry, everyone :(

Trying to co-op with everything and never thought it would be hard . sighhh . I have been lost in the class , practically all worn out every day . Skipped Tuesday's classes. sigh. Assignments are piling up. SLEEPING during the lessons. wtf. OMT115 , OMT182 , CTU 151 . All group assignments. Done with my part. Waiting for the rest . Phew. Mid term is next week and I haven't yet to drown myself in all the notes . Heh. Money is flowing like water == Seriously. Bayar duit event , duit makan , duit assignments , tinggal RM100 je . wtf . How am I suppose to survive with only RM100 ? sad die me kao kao. Huuu. Talked to mak the other day , she said she's going to terminate my broadband if I screwed up my pointer for this semester . *gasp* :O Takut boleh ? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .

STRESS lh macam nie.

I don't think I'll be having any photoshoot or even a road trip this semester. SADDEST NEWS OF ALL ! ._. The clans are all busy doing their assignments as well. Only get to be back together during Akmal's 19th birthday celebration . :) I missed Yaya's , Danny's and Aiman's birthday partay ! SORRY ! :-D

May Allah blessed all of you with endless happiness and prosperity !
*hugs* :)

I need an escape.

I have been really tired (yes, I'm actually ranting), partly because of assignments and I don't know what the other part is. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying all my classes , and I'm starting to love MAT112. I started really slow, sitting at the back in classes, not quite listening to what the teachers were saying.. but I've been fine, I find them really interesting. Although I'm not really fond of my Maths teacher. Okay , kidding. She's awesome ! :) I mean, she' can atually memorize all the freakishly confusing numbers and also, the way she teach.. well, frankly, it's just tad confusing at times. But I shouldn't complain much, I guess. She's my teacher after all.

My event is just around the corner. Looking for sponsorship in the mean time. Budget is going insane . I mean err err err , can die weh . == Might be having carwash or sales , depends on the PM . I'm just the Advisor now. Damn kao lat can ? Sorry , I got panic easily , even Iqbal and Eina said so ! tsk tsk :p

The big sis invited me for a backpacking trip around Malaysia during the sem break. Hurm. I'll see what I can do , aite ? :) Been spending my time during the week , walking to college like a zombie , sleeping in the class , got lost , got mad , stressed out and well, practice my singing for the latest teater , DI SISI IBLIS next Thursday :) So nervous . Wish me luck :3 Going to the mass commers' dinner tomorrow night . Setelah di ajak oleh Zee and big sis. Hehe. Okay, pegi lah. :) Berskype bersama Amira Sikun sebentar tadi. Adesss . Mengong punya adik. Haha. rinduuuu ! tunggu kakak balik hujung bulan nih , oke? :D Nanti kita jenjalan lagi . hihi. Gossip uolls.

I want to ponder ,upon the stars and just wish all this will go away :)


Have fun in KL , darl. I miss you already :)

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