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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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A night of good old times .
Sunday, March 6, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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The big sis , the big brothers and I ♥

So hey . I just got back from the Mass Comm's annual for this year . it was hectic , fun and tiring . I actually got to sit down and enjoy my time with them . Thanks to the talkative self . Heehee . Event went well with no flaws . FOOD WAS AWESOME . I just love its fried rice and the desert. ahhh , yums (Y) :-D Berbonding with the big sister's classmates , mengarut bersama Zee . tee hee hee . Performance was okay. The commitee had done an amazing job . grats ! :) It was worth every penny . I sat with the brothers and the seniors .

Saya jadi Cikgu Bedah . Haha. Cikgu BM . :'D

The theme for the dinner is BACK TO SCHOOL. So many varities of clothings and accesories. Ada yang jadi cikgu , pengetua , kapten bola , kaki buli , kaki sebat , fashionistas , budak baik , budak tadika , err err macam-macam lah . Heh. Serious happening . They have lucky draws , games and performances . Haha. Abang-abang datang dalam pakej . Kaki Bodek , Kaki Pukul , Kaki Sebat and err tak ingat lagi satu . PHAILED. Event started late , tp tak rasa pun lambat.

All because I had fun :)

Redeemed my hug from him. and we go for slow dancing . especially for me . awww , thank you ♥ Terkejut tgk Superstahhh clubbing o____o AHAHAHA. comel je ;p Dapat tangkap gambar dengan Mim . senior MC yang menjadi pujaan ramai. dan juga Michelle !! :DD Okay , dia terlampau comel. Hihi. Best dress goes to Ammar and also Michelle . Congrats :-D Terlampau banyak kamera . Sesi menangkap gambar dan juga ditangkap gambar. Miss Dila sangat comeyy . Nyuuuu . me loike . :3

Event ended at around 12 a.m after a massive moshing . Rasa macam dlm kelab kot . Haha . Penat lelah , boleh kenal asma . -.- Zee fetched me back home together with Adi and Atul. Aloooohhh , serious best . :-D nak gambar ! nak gambar ! :) Met Teera , Tira and Puteri Ku as well. Akmal was no where to be seen. and then , err macam ade orang tak puas hati la . go fly kite then . tak heran okeh ? BYE :'D

P/S : gambar-gambar semua boleh didapati di Facebook ye .

You made my day . Thank you :)

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