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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Surprise !
Sunday, March 20, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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I was chatting and going online lifelessly when suddenly my phone vibrated .

It was a text from the superstahhh ; Syahid asking me to go downstairs.

I was like, " huh?"

The big brother called me asking me to go out also. Hurriedly, I grabbed Engku Harvey and headed downstairs. The moment I opened the door, I heard a voice ( not sure whether it's Iqbal or Syahid) asking me to get my tudung. So I did. *grins* :-D and then I went near them.

Yup, the big brothers ; Syafiq , 8 , Iqbal and Syahid came to pay me a visit. Hee hee heee :-D Damn happy okeh ? :)) I'm actually beaming in the inside. lol. SANGAT TERHARU *tahan nangis* :p I introduce Engku Harvey to them and out of the blue, they started grabbing him , his arms and his legs. I was like , WEH ! WEH ! nak menangis. Tiga orang perogol TEDDY BEAR. haha. da la teddy bear tuh mahal . ngeeee == After a small chat , ( okay, blushing here) Syafiq ask us to chill at Koboi. hmmm. We immediately agreed.

The rain starts falling as I was forced to walk while the big brothers ride on their motorbike. Kejam woah. ;p Iqbal kata dia ada cite hot. and seram. so, as we arrived we ordered our drinks and Iqbal starts telling his story. I was listening to it very attentively when i found out it was just an attempt to scare me! GRRRRRRR . Iqbal and Syahid dah terkekeh-kekeh ketawa. zzzzz . memang lah bulu roma Atika meremang mendengar cerita tahyul beliau. HAMPEH .


Anyways , it was a good night . I had a great laugh with all of them. Diorang memang sengal, but that makes them very special in this little girl's heart. hihi. Thank you korang :) Thank you for the laughter, thank you Iqbal for able to make it to Taman Polo walaupun busy dengan kenduri kawen. Hee. thank you Syahid yang sanggup datang walaupun baru lepas discharge dari ward. thank you Syafiq dengan cite2 Merong beliau and of course , big brother , Ikhfar Idris for the surprising visit to my house.

Lil sis sangat HAPPY ! HOOYEAH ! :))

P/S : Okay, tak boleh tido nie. Huhu. Dayummmm , Iqbal ! -,-