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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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You give me butterflies ,
Saturday, March 12, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Mym . dia cantek :')

Hey hey. blog has been dusty . SORRY. so hari ini hari Jumaat , penghulu segala hari . :) The week day ended normal I guess. Slept the whole afternoon as I was in definite stress-o-meter. Plus, hari hujan . Ah, heaven :'D Selesai presentation CTU151 . First time I did badly during my presentation. Err forget it == Slept during HKR111. Depan lecturer . Memang lah kan . Err sorry . :( Yang tengah buat presentation tuh pun , SORRY. I don't meant to be rude. * senyum comel*

Saw Lutfi . Ngeee . kachak ;) Uzair as well. HI :-D After class , my classmates and I headed to Noor Cafe to have our lunch. Okay , their lunch. Saya takde mood nak makan. and , guess who did I saw ?


IQBAL SOKRI !! :-D Hahahaha. sumpah excited giler kot . Kekeke :p After like, a month plus tak jumpa. Hehe. Never expect that he would showed up at that time . LOL. Headed home and clean the house. At night , I had my dinner with Atul. Had crazy time talking to her :) Thankyouverymuch . *teary eyes* :p Hihihihi. Texted Superboy. Dearest stalker, please stay away from him. TYVM :') Glad you're feeling all better. and sorry, I da buad yang terbaik untuk Maths. Hurm. Texted Iqbal again and ask him whether he want to hang out or not. at around 11 like that, he said he's fetching me . Hee hee . Excited okeh ? :'D

Jadi saya pun keluar dengan abang - abang saya yang kacak tuh . Heh. Me, Iqbal , Syahid , Syafiq and 8 :)) Triple the happiness ! :DD The moment I saw Iqbal and Syahid talking to each other , I was like , OMG REFLECTION . lols ! :p Hahaha. Da kata kembar kan? Hehe. Minum air sahaja di JUARA. Kedai sebelah JUARA , sbb JUARA tutup == Abang-abang rushing sbb esok nak kena bangun awal . Erm *muka comel* sorry, iklan kejap. Heee.

They made my day , literally. walaupun sekejap je tapi best :)


Balik rumah dan bersembang dengan Ejat . Ask him to design my class t-shirt. Tak bgtau diorang lagi, tp nanti lah. ble bendanya da ade, baru gtau :) Trying to put myself into a whole new perspective . I shall not the old , clumsy ATIKA then :) Just wait and see. Esok bakal berbonding bersama Atul dan Adi ( maybe) and do my revision . Fired up lah weh. Seriously, I think I'm going to screw up my BBM mid term. GREATTTT . *sniffs* :( Okay, whatever.

Okay , it's already four in the morning *hits bed* GOOD NIGHT ;)

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