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Saturday, April 23, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Orientation week just ended. Newest student intake by the very first UCSA's Student Council. Overall , it was fun , and tiring. Body aching like mad cow and lack of attentive care of the studies. My finals are here btw. and to be frank , shit I had it at kill. Seriously (--") CTU151 was hard and uhm - complicated ? -.-""""" Dayummm ! I am so afraid of lower pointer this semester. ARGHHHH ! ;(

The juniors were fun and happening. Gonna miss them after this :) so innocent wei. HAHA. kakak sangat :P Akan rindukan MPP lama , Kak Nad , Abang Sein , Kak Dila , Kak Nora , Abang Amy , thank you for everything. Diorang banyak bagi tunjuk ajar kat kami yang masih baru lagi menerajui MPP. =} Firdaus left for one year practical. :) Have fun and God Bless , buddy. Tak sempat nak berkhidmat dengan you. Ahaha. And ade lah budak tuh , sangat annoying . tp terpaksa buat bodo je. Haihhh

.... moving on ,

The boys of the freshie are staying at Polo, so mmg jumpa diorang kadang2 . Bosan , so ajak lah diorang makan :) Heh. Tadi Skype dengan Nadiah Munirah Nazri ; the Cardiff girl. First time talking to her, memang best ! :) She's funny and hilarious . Can't stop laughing. was in awe watching Cardiff through her window. AWESOME ! can't wait for her to be back in Malaysia. we shall meet up ! hiks (;

ai, awak (;

Baru balik dari dinner dgn Nadia and Shikin :) Seronok and penat. Downloaded songs and movies =} AWESOMENESS. now at home , Skype dgn Nad lagi. Omg , syiok gile kot ! :'D Ada orang tak nak balas message , so whatever . Group Skype awhile with Amer as well. Internet macam hamban . zzzz . -.-" HAHA. had fun indeed. She's like my twin, in some ways. Lulz. Sang our heart out till my voice cracked. Uiks? Heh. Chatted with the DDZ boys :) Missing Superboy. Take care , awak. Met Sarel for the first time few days back. OMG DIA SANGAT KECIK OMG AHAHAHAHAHAH ! :p Harassed Apek and him for no particular reasons. Berbonding with the MPP peeps. yeay ! :D

( too much things happened *tetttt )

esok saya nak puasa (maybe) and kemas rumah (maybe) and mendiamkan diri untuk satu hari. tolong jangan kacau saya. Thank you very much . On a random note, seniors MC110P6 dah grad. I cried like hell yesterday. Rasa macam kena langgar lori. huhuhu .__. I'm going to miss you guys badly. ;( *sigh* I'll move on . Jangan risau. your little sis is strong . urhhh. Rindukan kakak dan abang2 senior. Haihhh.

Lots of ranting tonight. Off chatting . Mood just died. Blergh :|

P/S : Nad is hawt . with a capital H ( buat sendiri lah ye. Hehe )
PP/S: self ranting after this.

xoxo :)

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