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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Friday, April 29, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Sexy can I. Lulz.

Damn it . Air and Earth can never get along. Erkk =.= ( Apa aku merepek nie? )

MAT112 . Alhamdulillah , done and over with. It was okay, I guess. Slept for only few hours since I actually DID woke up and study. Texted MUH while at it. Have fun kat Terengganu :-) Went to college early and studied in the MPP room. I feel blessed yaw ! ;D Met Kak Nad again. All the best, akak :)) Got slight asthma attack in the hall . WAY TOO NERVOUS. Haihhhh

It's still early for me to go to sleep. 02:48. Currently listening to Sterling Knight - I'll Be Your Hero. No paper tomorrow. I am a happy girl (; Relaxing as I get my head back in the game. One more paper left. BBM110 this Saturday. rawr ! Got back home and slept immediately. Fell asleep actually. Eheh. Sawry D: Phone kept on vibrating , indicating my message inbox is almost full. Fuhhh. Sorry, not really in the mood of replying. Kthanks.

I like now. I've been putting up my anti-social mood on. Thanks to you. It kinda sucks when you have to put up with the fact that you wanted to tell that particular person something ; even a simple hi , but nothing is that interesting anymore. I am not blaming anyone. I keep telling myself ; to stop being so clingy. caused you can never except one's emotional predicament. and again, I'm sorry.

I'm living a healthy life now. I think. Except for the anti-social thing. It doesn't interest me to really socialize now. Except keeping in touch with the seniors. Kuat, Sarel , Ayip and Azfar ( Whiz) made me LOL all night long with their lame jokes. and out of the blue =.= err - nevermind. Kesian Oppa , take care, awak. Rest well. Chatted on IM with Kuat , F , and my Abang Rock / Ejat / Jajad . Heeee. :-D Glad he's doing all better now. :)) Made Kuat feel guilty because I told him I'm going to cry when they left. :P Sedih lahhhh ~ when I get back home lulz , I want to see my besties and the others. yeay

Tak jadi balik naik Fadh. Urhh =.= esok atau lusa kena beli tiket . Uzair kata tiket maybe dah habis. Oh noes (--") I don't want to be stuck in Kuantan for the time being. The abangs and kakaks are going for an interview soon , at UiTM Jengka . All the best , you guys ♥ Adrenaline rush all of sudden (again) . Skype with Abah just now. RINDU. gone nutcased with Lutfi and Chai. HAHAHAHAHA ! :'p Sarel ade isu dengan ketiak orang lain wtf. HAHAHAHA.

* my Facebook has been my place of pouring my inner thoughts , my Tumblr speaks for me . Momentary happiness. I am in need of writing , indeed. Getting rusty. I need to write , that's for sure. I need a distraction. Ya Allah. Amin.

This week I've learn an important lesson. Alhamdullilah.

"Kau tahu bertapa ku sayang padamu , Hanya bidadari sebagai ganti."
Yeah I'm listening to this now.

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