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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Its a maggot thinking.
Wednesday, April 6, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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Maddy Hayazi grrrr :D

been busy pampering myself by doing non-academic-related activities with THE Maddy Hayazi. So yesterday, we went for a jog . was chatting with Uzair before that and he said he's going to jog too , with his so-called twin , Apek ^^ Jadi Maddy datang dengan bergayanya bersama KJ beliau at around 5:40 pm and we headed straight to Taman Bandar. Since I is no have running shoes, i took Boolat's and just walked for a round around the park. Heeeeeee. Then , as I was walking , a familiar figure passed by. with his glow in the dark sneaker? HAHA . so striking . Hehe. It was Apek . *pause* Then a smaller figure passed by . Oh, Uzair . I walked a bit faster and greeted him :) Then we walked together because he was slowing down. Said HI to Apek (WAHAHAHAHAH ! APEK sangat tinggi oke . Kbye :P ) then went to Maddy. Did some exercises more before we met Kak Hani and Kak Ana , Maddy's seniors. They're really nice :3

..... and I can do 50 skips . dum dumm deee dummm dummm dummm *whistle* :-D

After that , Maddy sent me back home . Then she changed her mind and kidnapped me to TC ( again) and we had Drive Thru McD. Two days ago , we had KFC. haha. Lepas nie Starbucks , boleh? :DD rofl. An embarassing incident happened. so when we got there, we ordered, then pay. then we should pick up the food we ordered, but then Maddy sort of forgot, so she had to drive back around to go n fetch up our McD pack. but our PACKAGE was taken by the car after us. so that car turn back around to give us the wrong package beg .ahaha-.- malu ok ! I cannot stop laughing . HEHE. eh, tetiba teringat Tutti Frutti . yummmm :'D

Helped Nadia buy he Fillet O' Fish . Ngeeee :-D after that , we went back home and chatted a bit more. then I got hungry , so I dragged my girls to go to Cahaya Muda for a late night dinner. Then I went back alone ( lazy ) ahhahaha , budak-budak empat orang tuh dah HIGHed -.-" then i saw a group of guys at the side of the road, chilling . Atika jalan-jalan laju2 , takut perogol ke , pencuri ke , errr seriau .

Rupa-rupanya it's Uzair and the gang . I was like " ceh " HAHAHA. sorry-sorry. anda semua lelaki yang baik. i tau *muka comel* Hihi :-D Nadia called , suruh turun pegi padang . berbonding time. Make fun of Yaya . ROFLMAO. Laughed retardedly . Danced . Sang . A lot more . It was fun , and the girls got excited . ADE LAH . EHEHEHEHE :-D Told one of them AF was with Uzair , she got more excited . Makin merepek . HAHA. Sorry you, wrong information :'p then masuk dalam bilik at around 2 a.m . PENAT . slept.

It was a good day , after all :))

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