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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
"we only see what we want to see."

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Monday, April 4, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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OM114 Part 2 :)

*woot woot*

Another week just started . So far , it has been okay. Doing revisions for all the 6 subjects for finals. Got to get my head in the games. The UTM students are having the second common tests. All the best , all :)) Had McD for dinner , thanks to Maddy Hayazi . It has been a while since we last go on a date together. Hee hee hee :-D I want to be better than before, as I made an oath to myself. Skyped with my sister and the others yesterday . RINDU :'( Okay, next week I'm going back to Klang. Heeee, can't wait . (; Amira bought herself a new phone . Which means, yours truly is borrowing her Nokia Express Music . BUAHAHAHAHAHA ! ;D Didn't see any DSKM boys today. nor the abangs. Hurm , at home maybe , revising :) Berbonded with Esya , Shemiau , Izzah and Wani. Ngeeee . Cett, propaganda politik sangat . HAHA.

I'm missing the seniors badly . *sigh

The clock shows it already 12.16 a.m now. and I am supposed to keep my eyes shut by now. By the way, accompanied Superboy for ten freaking minutes just now because he wanted to tell me something. Aloohhh , chill lah dear . Okay je kot. Jangan lah takut :) He has been a good boy around me :p Bought him his favourite fries and Coke. rofl. Hehe. Relaks je. Anything , the bestie is here for you kannnn ? :) Edited all the dinner's photos I got from Adi. Thank you , Adi ! :-D Got the orders from Kak Tini . Heee . I am now a businesswoman . Kekekekeke :p Notifications flooded with Ejat and Cik Kikin's comments . LOL. MOTIF lah korang . Hehe.

Too many things, too little time. Haih. Soon , okeh? LY.

P/S : Pimples attack ! grrrrrrr -__-
PP/S : Goodnight :)