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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, April 14, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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am currently in Klang. home sweet home :)) Reached Klang at around 0530 . Headed home and hit the bed. Woke up at around 0900 and quickly got changed and hit the road. Late for dental appointment. Masak kena bebel dengan nurse (--") Then waited for one freaking hour before they called me in. Habis satu episod sinetron tuh I tengok. Erk. Then check up semua, doc said my teeth alignment is all better. and makin cantik ;) Hehe. Happy okeh? :DD

After that I headed home. Mak made laksa and asam ikan pari. SEDAP! ;D thanks Mak. Mak also bring me around to go shopping. HEEE. Check on Superboy, glad he's doing well. I miss you :) was planning to go out with Ayuni tomorrow, but plan got cancelled. Going to her house instead. Hee ;) Masak cookies :3 Got my photos from Syafiq. Thank you , pet giraffe ! :)

See for yourself ;


Spend the day chatting and downloading videos. :)) and songs later. Heh. Going to the mall to fix Superboy's camera. Chatted with Syd Azmr ( I don't know how exactly to spell his name, so nama Facebook je lah eyh) :) and Ayip tuh. Alif Aziz ! Alif Aziz ! :DDD and watched A Cinderella Story on Zero. Awwww, Hillary is so pretty ! ;) Did nothing else.

Malam nie semua orang emo. Sebab esok diorang nak pre-grad. Lepas nie takde dah nak bertemu , nak makan sama-sama, nak merepek sekali. Ketawa senang hati. Bak kata Aja , " Jom mlm ni kte emo..emokan diri.. Kte ingat blik mcm mne first time jejak kaki kat kolej, kwn pertama yg kte kenal, asgmnt pertama, pertama kali kne mrh, pertama kali msuk MPH yg skng dah tukar jdi Shahputra Convention Centre, mcm mna kte gdh mse buat asgmnt, semuanya sblm kte bgun esok pgi utk menghadiri Pre convo :) " Alarh ! tak dapat join ! rindu kot ! :( Hope you guys had fun tomorrow, aite? LOVES . :)

Happy birthday to the awesome-est twin ever , Syahid and Iqbal ! stay awesome korang ! xx

Okay, dah mengantuk nie. Nak tido. but before that , TA-DA !

I took this myself.

cantik tak? cantik tak?
AHHAHAHA . amateur shot , kbye :p


‎" it's because you're afraid , aren't you ? or just because I had you at self pity and you don't want to crush what I have for you? or just simply, because you've found someone else? "

My love and affections have gone way too far this time. I'm sorry.


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