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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Semester 2.
Sunday, May 1, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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A little token of appreciation from yours truly ;

I am leaving tomorrow for my second semester break, so I guess this post would be really memorable when I read it back in few months or even years time. Heh. How was semester two in my opinion ? SHALL WE? :D

The housemates ;
For the endless fun and PORN stalking *inside jokes* NADIA ! SHIKIN ! Haha. Boolat, Yaya , Eleena and Badihah , jangan lupa kemas rumah bila I dah takde nanti . EHEHEHE :p

The seniors ;
You guys finally GRADUATED. congrats . :) Atika akan rindukan korang . :'| EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. All the best for everything you guys will do after this. Do keep in touch alright ? :))

The abangs ;
8 , Azri , Syafiq , Bob , Syahid , Iqbal :D Thank you sebab banyak layan kerenah budak kecik nie. HEE HEE HEE :'D for the surprises , for the advices , consolation and thousand-worth of memories. Adik ( ceh , adik tau ) doakan abang-abang semua berjaya ♥ you guys will forever be my big brothers. KEEP IN TOUCH , okay ? :DD

Kak Ainur ;
The best . Adik sayang akak *hugs :)

The classmates ;
Thank you for everything. Kita gaduh sama-sama , kena marah sama-sama , jadi gila sama-sama . Semoga I akan jumpa korang semua 20 orang naik semester 3 nanti. :D Insya-Allah. I believe in each and everyone of you :))) Thank you for the random moments and event ! MEMORABLE ! :')

Getting to know you is one of the best moment there is. You've been a great friend and a great listener. I am sorry if I annoy you before or anything. HEH . I'll definitely miss your smiley eyes ( mata cantik ! ) :'D and your nagging . Nagging ke? HAHA. Thank you for everything. Please take good care of yourself when I am away *hugs :)

DDZ boys ;
Abang-abang yang sangat kachak dan macho ( Quat tak kasi the label " comel " LOL ) , TERIMA KASIH ATAS SEGALA RANDOM LAUGHS and ENDLESS EMOTIONAL TORTURING . ( Sarel and the gang ) Kuat menyakat , tapi honestly speaking , you guys are the friendliest bunch of people I've met so far. Doesn't take much time for Atika untuk dikenali kannnn? cabel ~ cabel ~ LOLOLOLOLOL :'p

The dearest . ‎" I am ALWAYS here for you, always. Even if only to listen to you and to remind you of how amazing you are. We all need to be reminded of that sometimes, and i’ll always do that for you; i’ll be that person. I don’t want you to forget it, or even worse, actually start believing that you’re worthless. I’m truly blessed to know you. you are one of the most amazing people I know. " :) Take care. Selamat tiba di Kuala Lumpur, my dear. x

The Facebook lovelies ;
Only loads of loves , hugs and thank you I can give to all of you for being there for me virtually.Lending me your ears when I am in need. Thank you for making me laughs non-stop . Eina and Syiken , can't wait to see you soon :)))

You guys are now a part of me. and I really hope that we'll continue rocking much harder after this. Love you guys . muah ! :D

Friends ;
To all of you , terima kasih kerana sangat sabar melayan kerenah Atika yang kadang-kadang memang buat orang sakit hati , menyampah dan tergelak besar. Minta maaf kalau ada buat salah. Halalakan makan dan minum I . and please say a prayer for my safety , happiness and long life. HEEEEE . Masehhhh (;

Haters ;
JUST GET A LIFE , SERIOUSLY :'D my awesomeness is a NO MATCH to you. HAH !



the girls.

the boys.

( too many names. can't remember -.-" )


I'll see all of you soon,aite ? <3
take care. ♥

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