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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Seronottnyaaaa ;
Thursday, April 14, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Teringat cara big brother mengekpresikan keseronokan beliau. HEHE. :-D so, few blog posts have been delayed , but never mind on that. This blog post this time is dedicated to the awesome housemates of Amirul Ikhwan yang sangat happening :)) Few days back was fun filled thanks to these guys who won't stop bugging me via Facebook . Calling me " emoticon kid" HAHA ! epic takkkk? *mata bersinar ;)

They did nothing much , only for the fact that they made me giggled and laughed hysterically in front of the laptop. Roommates saya ingat saya dah gila (--") But I had fun reading their bewildered and out of the reality punya comments and statements. Sarel Soeb is irritatingly funny , ( very sarcastic rofl) Alif Haiqal comel tahap dewa ( tak boleh challenge beliau. Muka iras-iras Alif Aziz . ceh ) , Azfar Dinie ( Wiz Khalifa fo' shizz ! ) ;D Nai yang tak sempat pun nak berbonding ( eh? ) Put yang gila-gila , Hady yang comel jugak , terselit Apek sekejap and of course , Amirul Ikhwan / Kuat / Taecyeon yang sangat comel kbye :P

The whole friendship bonding started when I commented on Kuat's status updates on Facebook . AHHAHAHA. then diorang start bahan-bahan ntah ape ntah , still clueless KEPAK tuh apa maksud dia . (--") then they started rephrasing " oh, sorry. my bad then :P ' over and over again. Sumpah rasa nak sekeh kepala sorang -sorang. HAHAHAHAHA. >:)

Here's a sneak peek .


They made me laughed till I cried so hard, that my roommates had to call the asylum.
*okay tipu* tak de lah. diorang ingat Atika dah gila sebab stress pasal final. Dammnnnnn ! *okay tipu jugak* Atika dah lama tak ketawa betul-betul . Hihihi. Bila lah agaknya dapat berjumpa dengan diorang ? Dammit , why must all the cool people graduating so soon? grrrrrr ( --" ) Disadvantages in a way. Heh. Korang awesome ! Kbye :'D

P/S : this is so random . Heh.

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