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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Kuantan tomorrow.
Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hey y'all ! HEH :D

So, today will be my last day blogging from Klang since I am going back to Kuantan tomorrow. :) I'll be having meeting on Friday. So yeah. :) Bus at 3.30 pm. Sani Express. :D Right now, I have yet to finish packing my stuffs since I haven't put my baju kurung yet :) Remind me, will you? Thanks. :) Today I didn't go anywhere . Cuma duduk rumah and online. Finished downloading My Soul To Take :DDD Movie was okay, I guess. Can't wait for Leverage to finish downloading yeayyy :D

Ayip made me go nuts with his friends copying whatever I posted at his wall. roflmao. mmg takde keje. =.= especially Dinie. DINIE OH DINIE . Haihhh. Got excited talking about foods with Quat ;) Best kan , awak ? Haha. Dinie and Ayip were drooling over Lina ? oh well ;) LOLOLOLOLOL , gossiped with Fida. Missing akak badly. The abangs . Hehe. Kacau-ed Hana Nuwul on Facebook. Stalk people. FUN ! :'D Checked up on MUH cuz he's on meds. :)

Am indeed addicted to Aguilera. Grrrr hot sexy stuff. I wish I can sing like her. HOHO :'p Ikmal's girlf added me on Facebook. baik je Mumu Zai tuh . Haha. Ikmal, bila aku boleh jumpa dia ? ;) Lulz. I hope the UTM students are doing well with their test 3. Can't wait to see the Kuantan peeps soon enough :DDD dum dee dumm dummm nyunyunyu ~ ;D Esok balik mak bagi belanja brape ek? Hurm - Thinking. Well. I don't know, honestly. lol.

That's all for today , I guess. Wanna watch CSI now. Bieber wtf :'D

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