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Listen to me , baby
Thursday, May 26, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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hello , everyone :D

The Cheryl's mummy ( read previous entry) is now on her way back to Klang . only for 4 days ;) Today was the registration for my third semester. :) Paid the cash mak gave me and had breakfast with Harris. Okay, not really breakfast, but HEH :p Met Superboy and the clans. Wan Hairul quit ._. haihhh . farewell, buddy :'D

Mah result? BAD. I only managed to get an average CGPA of 2.48 for my second semester. *gantung diri kejap* and worse, repeating CTU151, which is agama -.- urhhh. whatever lah. hahaha.

There goes my sexy lips. HAHA

I had an amazing time with the juniors today. Thank you Fik and Harris. Takde lah junior sangat since in the end , they turned out to be older than me ._. Harris is 19 and Fik is 20. LMAO . gelakkan Atika boleh dalam kereta bila tau pasal umo? MOTIF ? hahaha ._. After I registered , Harris and I waited for Fik whom class ended at 11.30 a.m . After that, thank you emergency, they waited for moi to finish packing ehehehe. sawry :'p

Destinasi seterusnya ialah Kuantan Plaza. Incik Fik belanja main boling. 5 games per person. memang lah atika sakit tangan baling bola boling tuh masuk longkang errrr :'D After boling, we went to Mega to have our lunch. KFC je. Okay lah, not bad. Heee.

Fik and Harris purchased some stationaries in Popular while I wandered around , checking out novels. ah, so eye-orgasmic can? XD After that I bought Cool Blog and sent Fik home . He's not really feeling well. Get well soon :)) Tyta also the same. Tyta, jangan lupa makan ubat . susah nanti -_-

and oh , a picture.

taken with Fik's Samsung Galaxy Tab wtf ;DDD

the excited faces ? haha !

After fetching Fik home, Harris and I headed to ECM to kill time . since my bus is at 5.30 pm. The clock shows it is only 4 pm. An hour and a half to go :) Wandered around ECM and go window shopping. Didn't buy anything since takde mood and malas nak kuarkan duit. HAHA :p Went to the terminal , bought ticket for Fik and hopped into the bus :DD

Thank you so much Harris and Fik for the amazing time.

Oh, what a great day indeed :-) Home in four more hours . hee !

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