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Saturday, May 14, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Hello , Kuantan. NGEHNGEHNGEH :'D

Today is Friday, and I just came back from from 3 MPP meetings. tired , worn out and exhausted. all in one. damn. Kaki macam nak tercabut dah. Tulang pun sama (--") But at least, apart from all the aching and sore legs , I had fun berbonding with them . Laughing at intervals. Serious best. First meeting was with David and Daus who came all the way from Port Dickson. HEEEE . Thank you Mr. Presiden ;) Saya hutang dengan MPP RM20 ouh. huuuu. damn. Sorry.

After the first meeting, we had breaks for the men to go for Jumaat prayer. Before that I met the DDZ boys. Hihi. excited oke. I saw Af and he said hi . :DDDDD I feel like jumping upside down. NGEHNGEHNGEH :'D serious excited !

*slaps self* OKAY . BACK TO REALITY.

Nonetheless, I didn't get to chat much with the abang DDZ since I was busy . Had to take over the secretary job. Not really enjoying it haha that's why I don't want to be secretary in the first place :P But I just want to say, I met Sarel, Hady ( who seems a lil bit gloomy ummm :( ) Quat and Nai? kannnn? I have such good memory (^^,) Then Fiq and Alip said hi to me as well. Hehe. I'm happy indeed ! *blasted to Mars* ;D


Tapi memang excited kot hehe kbai :'p

Met Farace Fauziey , one of the DDZ senior as well. Sem 4 :) Okay nama betul dia Faris . so, HI FARIS ! *waves* :-D Then berbonding lagi dgn MPP peeps during the second meeting. With Ustaz this time. Heh. After Ustaz , we had meeting with Kak Su . The UTM students are having their English test now. go everyone ! ;) Headed home and wash up. Didn't go for dinner with Akak nor the MPP peeps. Sorry korang :'| Daus dgn Fiza macam touching je. Huuuu :( Makan Megi untuk dinner , sbb malas nak keluar and urhhhh -.-" memang serious malas. Heh. Then brain fried myself doing the minutes of meeting. all THREE of it. siap jugak akhirnya. Kepala dah ting tong jap. Took a break and now harassing the Facebook lovelies. Hihi :P YM with Fida dbb ada hot story ekekekeke ! :p

gone all lovey dovey all of sudden when i log into my Tumblr. motif -.-" then updated my status on Facebook to kill my tired-self . 'Azim gone hyperactive all so sudden. idk what got into him HAHAHAHA but seriously , he's like SO hyper . o______o must be one of his happy / too stressful moment ey? i have no idea. :p chin up, big boy ! be optimistic ! :)) Sarel is in usual sarcastic-self. KBAI SAREL. Lol. Kacau Ayip . Bosan dan penat sangat nie. Haihhhhhh

Now, that particular someone refused to go online. wtf lah wei. DOUCHE, I've been waiting for you to go online for like, 2 hours ! URHHHHHH =.=" if the matter was never important, i would have never wait for you to say " i penat . baru balik dari town. esok je lah kita im and discuss " . you asked me to go wait , and then you ditched me . penat je tunggu dia online. damn it ! gfy thankyouvery much. buat penat tunggu , seriously.

Saya dah penat and rasa emo sekarang. MEHHHHH D:

Bid farewell to the Facebook lovelies and hit then bed ♥

Goodnight , love :)

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