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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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Yesterday, My friends and I had a small reunion as we took our SPM certs at school. It was all about reminiscing . :') Was really glad to see them. Athirah , Ayuni, Syaika, Lina, Syuhada, Nisa, Syafiqah, 'Amira and Arisha with yours truly gathered up and went to see all the teachers . Ah, good old times . :D After that, we went to Johny's for lunch. Laugh our heads off as we talked about all sorts of stuffs.

Boys ( hehe wajib tuh :p) . Lina's boyfie . Matrik. Mengandung. Biologi. Emiliya. Duit. Shopping. Popular. Cari keje. Duit. Degree. Result. UiTM. Kolej. Sukan. Merentas Desa. Oh ya, I made Syaika and Ayuni wait for me again . Cuz, when Syaika called , I just woke up. Sorry weh -_- aku terlajak. HAHAHA :p After lunch, we went to S&J and search for gifts. HEEE ;D gone all kiddy thanks to the pretty stuffs. Ngehngehngeh ;)

Then we headed to Popular and buy stuffs. :D Took photos and Athirah gave me a presie. Hehe. Thanks :)) I am a happy girl. Shopped summore. Total expenditure? RM50++ . LOL. campur semua lah :) Took more photos before we bid farewell.

Bought Chocolate Ice-Blended at Jusco . NYUMMM :'D Met an old friend from Nando's. Had a small chat before I left. He haven't change a bit :DD Reached home at around 7 pm :) Tired but all happy. Thanks guys :)


Johny's .


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