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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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pit stop.
Sunday, June 19, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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So today I had a ' speed of lightning' journey with Harris , Su'fi and Eiman to the town looking for sponsors for our event. It was a complete heart attack. =.=' Harris drives macam Abah. FURIOUS 6 sgtttttt. Lepas tuh, we went to East Coast Mall , and went around to look for sponsor. A lot of things happened inside the car, outside the car. LMAO. Dapat tgk temper Harris bila bawak kereta, Atika kat belakang dgn Eiman juga texting dalam diam HAHAHA :D Su'fi kat tepi entah buat apa.

Lepas hantar Shikin, Nadia and Maton ke ECM , we headed back to the boys' house to pick up Su'fi. Harris ambik epal ( his brunch) rofl then started driving. woah, sgt bergaya Harris bawak kereta sambil makan epal bhahaha !! okay, just kidding :p then we went to ECM again.

.... i started laughing again and hati macam nak terkeluar with Harris driving =.='

Masuk ECM, we headed straight to the cinema. unplanned tgk wayang. The Green Lantern HEHE. Eiman punya pasal. Walked around and then sembang lagi. hihi ;) 2 thumbs up! I love it ! RYAN REYNOLDS ouh damnnn =.=' Someone said I cried during the movie ( which i didn't ) Pfftt. Me is hungry now .

After movie, we went back home. Traffic jammed up terribly. -.-' people refused. Mcm ASDFGHJKL; !! =.=' Sakit hati. Tertido kejap dalam kereta. Hihi. At the traffic, a Kenari or entah apa nama kereta tuh took over our car. Harris got pisssed , and started tail gating . Memang macam race car. Aiyo =.='

Late lunch after that. Harris main online chess , Atika online Facebook, Eiman online Facebook jugak and Su'fi main gitar. Masing-masing layan perasaan. Had chit chat and what not, lepas tuh balik terus.

The boys scared the pants out of me with the thai ghost movie =.='

OKay, tu je. dah penat. nak tido . tata :D

P/S : trademark baru Harris , ' siap lah nanti =.=' ' LMAO :p