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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 2 comment/s

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I'm done being mad at people. Being stupid enough to actually give a shit to what they said. Being too nice to people. Too nice until what I did sincerely was taken for granted , twisted and told back in a very much horrifying tale. I'm at fault just because I am being myself ? I am at fault, just because I tried to be friendly ? I invaded your privacy ? Just tell me , and I'll back off. I am dead curious in knowing what actually has been spreading around . Because, all I know now, it is so awkward to be walking alone during college hours. Although I am used of walking alone, but it is like, ( insert indescribable feelings here ) Studies has been really good, thanks to all this. I am surprised , really.

So, I should be thankful , to those ..... jerks ? awww shucks :')

They said I talked too much, that it annoys the fuck out of them. Aww, sorry. Next time, you won't hear a thing. I am actually on flames , but I'm cooling myself down. Yeap, I don't want to aged before times. Those people are just lifeless. Cakap orang, tapi diorang pun sama. bergabung membenci atika. perghhh *salute* Dah lama atika tunggu saat dan moment mendapat anti fans nie. MEMANG COOL HABIS :b

*show finger* sorry, immediate response to anger.

and blah blah blah blahh , all the shits and stuffs, malas nak layan , nak serabutkan kepala, baik focus at studies and befriend to those who wants to be my friends. Enough said. and well, I still have my lovelies with me . ho yeah :D

you're worse than I thought you were. FYVM.