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Sept 14th, 1992 | Selangor, MY
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Thursday, June 2, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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up till now , I have completed fifty percents of my tasks for this month and the ongoing months ahead. Just got off with MUH. Poor thing , all worn out . Rest well, alrighty? :D Chatted with Ayip. Memang lah Sarel kena panggil Atika lipstickkkk =.=" ugh. whatever lah. haha. Still adapting the crazy class schedule ;( Penat hari-hari macam nie haihhhh BEL311 is a killer. tak faham content OMT200 . Err err dah blur sebab dah penat lmao Done with the mini gym proposal :DD Done with HPD112 letters. My classmates and I are going to the Parlimen soon for real wee hoo ! :DD Ice breaking week for semester 3 is officially over.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm on holidayyy :DD

Tapi, masih lagi perlu menghadirkan diri ke kolej. Sebab nak siapkan papan kenyataan MPP *oh baiknya saya* hahahaha :DD okay, so vain kbye done with my classmates particulars as well hari nie sangat busy jugak lincah berlarian di kawasan kolej hahaha I saw that boy . but nah , he was never interested in me . so yeah . I'm fine , no worries. Never his type , I guess. Kena jadi hotstuff pulak lepas nie hihi

Okay , tak payah hotstuff sangat lahhh kan? *stick out tongue* erk , HYPER . nanti ada orang complained lagi Atika hyper sgt wtf . The bond with the juniors are getting stronger by days. and yours truly are much more focused this semester ( more like unprepared actually) ANYHOO , i still feel refresh yaw !

The big brother called yesterday night. Rindu nak gelak ketawa dengan 8 , pastuh kena bahan kaw-kaw sebab tak dapat figure out MC punya terms . memang tak lah kannnn -.- lols bila nak tengok lil sis kat Kuantan nie? alahaiiii

Dia dah off , tapi tak bgtau pun. Kelam kabut lah atika nie errr broadband buat hal? HEEE :DD takpe , dah text " goodnight , sweetheart :) " since phone dah tak gila :DD maklumlah phone RM70 je haha Gonna berbonding somemore with my baby girls kejap lagi . hee !

Nak habiskan kredit dulu. tata :DD