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Sunday, June 12, 2011 | Posted by Atika | 0 comment/s

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It has been days since I last posted here. Sorry, been busy plus I didn't have the time to think of words to describe how busy I was . Hee :D So , my theater script has been approved . and now I am working to stage it a month from now. Appointed my SM , Assistant Director and also Production Manager :) Harris , Nena and Eiman. and you know what? all of u them are new in theater HAHA :D wanting to give them a lil' bit of exposure here and here about theater.

.... and Harris kuat membebel ==' Lol , NOT my fault that I am very bad at Maths :p

The theater is going to be in English and it's musical yeayyyy ! :-D very ecstatic indeed . Hihi ! All of you just have to wait patiently for it , ok? *prays hard* I had dinners with the three of them for three consecutive nights. LOL. What a way to berbonding HAHA ! :p Finished up all the paperworks for the mini gym. it's with Aiman now :) now busy with the Expedition Mendaki Gunung Tapis , anjuran Kelab Taekwando. :D Ahhh , can't wait !

Classes are uhm- well , let's make it this way, I'd prefer being outside the class. I hate nonconstructive criticism and kenapa nak point fingers? MOTIF ? -.-" Haihhh. susah betul. I think I am making more enemies instead of friends. but oh well, biarkan je lahhhh :DD STAY POSITIVE. Finished up all my assignments already :) Trying my utmost best NOT to fall asleep in any class , tapi macam susah jeeee =.= Parliment this Monday hoyeah !

On the other note, the DDZ seniors finally graduated . Tmr actually , but I didn't really get to see them tmr. Only on Facebook and text now. I cried again , thinking how am I going to miss some of them terribly :( Blergh. sekarang pun rindukan big brothers. Jumpa akak semalam , sempat berbonding kejap . <3

I am all alone in the house for the weekend. Apa lagi, Leverage marathon lah jawabnya HEHE :D

This is from me , for you :)

Have a great weekend everyone . God Bless !

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